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21000738A Flojet Single Inlet Wand Kit


The Flojet 21000738A Single Inlet Wand Kit is the replacement suction wand and hose assembly for the BW5000 Series Bottled Water System. This kit includes a single wand with a 48″ hose with the quick disconnect fitting and connection for the float switch already connected, making this a very easy installation.

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58mm Group VST Precision Filter Basket (20Grams)


58mm Group Coffee Machines Portafilter VST Precision 20gram Ridgeless Double Filter Basket

Note: This Basket Has No Locating Ridge

Experience uniform extractions across all groups for the first time – permanently. The essential espresso filter for those in search of the ultimate cup.

Suits most  E-61 group heads and any group that measures 60mm in diameter and work with a tamper 58.3mm. Dosing capacity is from 19-21 grams. Recommended for use with the following machines: La Marzocco, Synesso, and most Nuova Simonelli models using their standard portafilters.  Faema, La Cimbali and Rancilio suit, but require a bottomless portafilter.  Also compatible with the La Marzocco SWIFT Grinder. Basket Height 26mm.3

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600mm Spinjet Rinser with Blender Attachment


Rhino 600mm Spinjet Rinser with Blender Attachment is the rinser kit you surely need! It is applicable for larger vessels and popular blender jugs like Vitamix and Blendtec. Featuring Rhino Spinjet Valve, it spins and sprays quickly while removing stubborn waste from your vessel. With its low profile body, it ensures effective liquid removal, reducing common odours from static waste. Additionally, the large actuator plate supports blender jugs and larger vessels such as milkshake cups and plungers.

Pitcher rinser installation requires Pressure Limiting Valve (PLV) on a main water line.

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HM Digital ASP-20 unit comes with the following:

  • Twenty (20) packs of Assorted Solutions
  • Five (5) 20 ml packets of pH 4 buffer
  • Five (5) 20 ml packets of pH 7 buffer
  • Five (5) 20 ml packets pH storage solution
  • Five (5) 20 ml packets EC/TDS calibration solution
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BestAqua 14 ROC – (BA14S-30) | Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration



Compact high capacity pumped RO

The revolutionary designed bestaqua 14ROC system is the reverse osmosis solution for your foodservice equipment water treatment. The ROC with internal pump is suited to applications including water dispensers, coffee machines , steamer ovens and dishwashers.  The BestAqua 14ROC  has a production rate of 120 lph suitable for medium size applications. The larger 16 ROC has a production rate of 160 lph for larger size applications. Contact us today for sizing and application recommendations!

Bestprotect V 2 Stage Water Filter Kit


BWT BestProtect V filter gives optimal protection against scale and corrosion. While improving water quality, it also offers critical protection to your valuable machine technology.

BestProtect V filter is compatible with BWT water + more filter heads, with simple one-way system that can be used either horizontally or vertically. Also, it is applicable to coffee and steamer ovens for all hot and cold drinks.

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Brass Pressure Limiting Valve 350 kpa


350 kpa Brass Pressure Limiting Valve limits water pressure within the circuit when circuit is closed. Thus, preventing over pressure conditions. Applicable to domestic appliances like water filters, mixer taps and dishwashers to prevent damages that may be caused by excessive inlet supply pressure and of pressure spikes.

Pressure Limiting Valve comes with 1/2″BSP female on both ends.

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Brass Pressure Limiting Valve 500 kpa


Brass Pressure Limiting Valve 500 kPa is applicable where water supply pressures are higher than the rated working pressure of water heater or other household appliances. It normally controls supply water pressure to a safe working pressure for household, regardless of the variations in inlet supplies. The pressure limiting valve is set to supply 500 kPa downstream pressure.

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BW5000 Flojet Dual Inlet Bottled Water System | Brew Solutions AustraliaOut of stock

BW5000 Flojet Dual Inlet Bottled Water System


BW5000 Flojet Dual Inlet Bottled Water System is one of the Flojet BW5000 series. It is designed to work with refrigerator ice and water dispensers, espresso carts, portable sinks, coffee/tea makers or any thing that requires portable potable water. It is very convenient that it automatically shuts off when water source is depleted and restarts once restored. With its compact size, it supports easy mounting.

Dual Inlet Bottled Water Dispensing System draws from two water lines simultaneously. Thus, it can easily be connected to most standard 11-19 litre water bottles.

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BWT Bestmax Filter Head


BWT Bestmax Filter head is the perfect solution that can be fixed to any BWT water+more filter. Thus, you only need to purchase it once. Bypass is safe that can be installed easily and used repeatedly.

It comes with 3/8″ external thread.

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BWT BestMax Premium V


BWT BestMax Premium V filter cartridge features an AromaPlus formula. Thus, adding Magnesium to water to achieve full flavour of coffee and tea. Water that’s magnesium-enriched is particle-free and odourless.

The filter cartridge is an innovative filtration system for water optimisation in the food service sector. It balances mineral contents of water, buffers pH value and produces firm espresso crema.

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BWT Bestmin Coffee


BWT Bestmin Coffee Filter Cartridge is a reminalizer containing magnesium. This filter is easy to use and has 10,000 litre capacity. It adds minerals to water with low TDS and adds key flavour carrier magnesium ion.

BWT Bestmin coffee is designed specifically for coffee applications and downstream of reverse osmosis systems.

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BWT Bestmin M Filter Cartridge


BWT Bestmin M Filter Cartridge optimises water that comes with low mineral content. It serves as the best solution for deficiency restoration while giving stale-tasting water the superb quality. Thus it brings out the full flavour profile of hot drinks.

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BWT Bestprotect Filter 2XL


BWT Bestprotect Filter 2XL features high quality filter medium and high-end BWT Technology. Thus, it provides your machine technology the best possible protection. The bestprotect offers critical protection to your machine while improving the quality of your water as well.

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BWT BestProtect Filter V


BWT Bestprotect Filter V is an exceptional water filter for preventing corrosion and deposits. It improves the water quality while offering critical protection for valuable machine technology. Also, it is one of the most reliable prevention of stainless steel corrosion.

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BWT Bestprotect Filter XL


BWT Bestprotect Filter XL is an effective solution for preventing scale and gypsum deposits. Also, it maintains constant pH value and prevents corrosion problems even with high sale content.

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BWT BestProtect S Water Filter


BWT BestProtect S, a water filter serving as a protection against salts, high gypsum and corrosion. It protects equipment used for production of hot beverages in food services.

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