About Brew Solutions - Coffee Equipment and Technical Support

Brew Solutions Australia is a family-owned business established in 2016. Geoff and Leigh Michelmore built it together and later became a coffee equipment supplier in Australia. After spending 15 years in the corporate world, they started developing their own Technical Service business. Customer base grew rapidly during their first year in the industry. Then, they felt the need of moving from their own garage to a workshop in Murrarie, Queensland.

Geoff and Leigh delivers the highest quality service. Together with industry’s best brands, Brew Solutions Australia can provide you nothing but the best. As a coffee equipment supplier in Australia, Brew Solutions lead the team to be as efficient as possible. As a result, we ensure customers have minimum downtime with their equipment.

In need of coffee equipment technical support? Geoff and Leigh are more than happy to create a service plan and package that best suits your needs.

What we do

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Why Brew Solutions Australia?

Brew Solutions Australia has decades of experience when it comes to technical services. Not only do we know the right equipment for any budget but also understanding water quality and how it affects your equipment. We are very committed to ensure you get the longest lifespan of equipment. Even more, we want you to have a peace of mind that we always find a solution.

Brew Solutions Australia PTY LTD is Queensland’s licenced electrical contractor with licence no 85845. Work tested and safety certificate issued in accordance with S26 of the Electrical Safety Regulations 2013. For electrical equipment, this certifies that the electrical equipment, to the extent it is affected by the electrical work, is electrically safe.

Cost effective

Genuine parts

Licensed technicians

Minimum downtime

We provide the best technical support and services on site.