Aremde Nexus One Coffee Machine: A See-Through Coffee Making Experience

Aremde Nexus One Coffee Machine: A See-Through Coffee Making Experience

Australia takes global pride for its espresso culture where innovation and quality are at the top of the field. For instance, Aremde – a beginner to the coffee manufacturing world, corresponds to its manufacturing.

Aremde is based in Sunny Queensland, Australia founded by Geoff Michelmore, Rempt Van der Donk, Walter Amerika, and Muthanna Ragtan. They have created an opportunity for customers to be involved in an open theatre coffee making experience. That being said, the barista can freely perform for the customer without having to separate coffee maker from the coffee buyer. Aremde Nexus One coffee machine opens up to the craft of coffee making, thus making it beneficial to both sides of the bar.

Rempt was an architect and had never designed a single coffee machine before. Buy by merely looking through the window of his car, he was able to conceptualize the Nexus One! This will be a theatre to the show and the show itself is the coffee extraction.

With Geoff’s leadership, Aremde was put into fruition and calibrated it to work well for the baristas who used it. With ease-of-use in mind, Aremde Nexus One aims the baristas to set variables before making coffee and not have to worry about it again afterwards.

Several baristas were invited and offered their feedback after building its prototype. “When it comes to coffee, Australians are very technical. They understand not just how to make coffee, but everything about it,” says Geoff. Thus, this led to lots of small improvements which includes more visible group heads, larger and more receptive buttons, more flexible steam wands, barista lights in the work area, and a cooler surface on the machine.

Aremde Nexus One Coffee Machine Launch

Finally, in November 2018, The Nexus One was officially launched at Gallery of Modern Art in Brisbane. Since then, it started its journey worldwide and received positive feedbacks. It even raised significant demand in Asia, Europe, and Middle East. It gained an award being the Best New Product and turned heads at multiple trade shows like 2019 Melbourne International Coffee Expo and World of Coffee in Germany. Apart from the Best New Product Award, it claimed two prestigious Australia’s Good Design Awards in 2019 for design and engineering.

Its distributor in China played another role in the important recognition of the Nexus One. It secured the bid for it to be the official machine of the Chinese Barista Championships for the 2020/2021 season. Muthanna even expressed how JasBlu and the Chinese Barista Championships think how Nexus One could positively impact the local market.

Customers will be a lot engaged.

Customers used to be hooked on their mobile phones while waiting for their orders. But Aremde Nexus One engages the customers with what the barista actually does. They can now literally see the shots pouring and be educated on what baristas are looking for in a pour, how shots are poured differently, or why certain shots stop earlier than others. This could help them understand the different tastes of coffees and how it’s different with their own home espresso practice.

The introduction of Aremde Modus One

Not long after the official launch of The Nexus One comes the introduction of Aremde Modus One – the New Modular Undercounter System. As per Muthanna, this will just be another way Aremde invities customers into the world of coffee making. The machine has undercounter system that stores takeaway and dine-in cups, which are warmed with repurposed and consistent heat from the boiler.

Modus One

Aremde Modus One Coffee Machine is the AREMDE modular under-counter system. Elements that are easy to piece together, creating great flow for everyday action. Starting with the cup warmer and cup holder we will continue to develop parts of MODUS for your convenience. Non-standard custom colour - paint only Full customisation - non-standard custom colour, logo, matching portafilter and tamp
Available on order - please allow 2-3 weeks lead time
Prices incl. GST


Aremde truthfully brought a brand-new experience not only with the baristas but with the customers too. It’s like customers and baristas can make coffees together.

Aremde coffee machine really pushed the boundaries of the traditional espresso machine! Endless possibilities keep on coming now that the technology has been developed to put all the messy steel bits hidden.

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