Baratza Encore Coffee Grinder Review

Baratza Encore Coffee Grinder: Is It Worth It?

Baratza Encore Coffee Grinder, being the top entry-level grinder, has undoubtedly captivated the attention of many coffee lovers. But have you thought if it is the right coffee grinder for you?


Founded in 1999, Baratza is an American grinder company popular for producing professional and home grinders. It has been known to offer high-quality, state-of-the-art coffee grinders in the industry with an ultimate goal for innovation, quality, and consistency.

One of their philosophies is designing their own grinders in order to repair them by themselves too. In fact, Baratza Encore is their most basic model yet the most popular one.


Encore is well known for being an entry-level burr grinder. An automatic grinder with 40 different settings for the perfect grind that is easy to use. The quality of grind produced is ultimately better and uniform. Thus, it allows you to brew a coffee without breaking the bank.

Even more, the grind range varies from 250 to 1200 microns – making it possible for you to enjoy more than just one brewing method. It works well for most kinds of regular coffee such as:

  • Pour over
  • French Press
  • Aeropress
  • Stovetop Espresso Maker

Encore grinder from Baratza produces the so-called ‘fines’ or dust. However, unlike other entry-level grinders, Encore produces only minimal amount. You may sift it out from the grinds, but this is not highly necessary.

While you may be able to give Encore a try for espresso, the outcome will never be outstanding. This is mainly because Encore is not considered suitable for espresso making. You may be able to get away with it if you have a pressurized basket. Unfortunately, a regular 58mm portafilter won’t be a good long-term solution. The motor is not specifically designed for it and that can trouble you in the long run. Also, it can result to a lack of ability to fine-tune the adjustment, so you really dial in your shot.


Baratza Encore is an automatic grinder, making it easier to use and adjust grind settings effortlessly. The central front pulse button in the center of the device can be found, while power and grind settings are on the top and the side. To turn it on, simply push the on/off switch on the side. You can even adapt the grind settings by rotating the hopper.

Even if you are not at all tech-savvy, its gearbox makes the switches and adjustments easy. Just adjust the settings and let the machine do the rest. Using coffee beans that are larger than the average size may be difficult when used with Encore. Larger beans do not feed through the hopper as well as regular-sized beans, which could later result to some loose beans left over.


40mm Steel Conical Burrs

The grinder works at 550 RPM using these 40mm steel conical-shaped burrs. When it comes to coffee, a slow speed could also be a good thing since it would prevent heat and static from building up. Otherwise, it could alter the flavor of your coffee grounds.

High Torque Gearbox

As compared to older Maestro models of Baratza, Encore is equipped with an improved gearbox where you can enjoy a more quiet and more sturdy design. The gears are made from 15% thermoplastic glass – an upgrade on the prior all-metal version. This results to a noise reduction, wear time improvement, and shock resistance.


The 8oz hopper makes sufficient storage and grinding coffee possible at once. The grounds bin capacity is 5oz, making both holders fall within the standards for grinders.

Plastic materials

The internal parts are mostly made up of plastic. Even the casing is made of plastic that makes it look thick and sturdy. However, the gears are 15% filled with glass thermoplastic, which makes them more durable.


This Baratza coffee grinder comes with 40 settings for you to fine-tune it according to the way you grind your coffee beans. Simply rotate the hopper bin left to right to jump between the marked settings.

Grind settings help you choose from superfine through to very coarse easily. Thus, you could achieve the ideal particle size for your brewing method of choice.

Things to Keep in Mind When Grinding with Encore

One of the critical factors when brewing coffee is the consistency of the grind. Fortunately, Encore Grinder is exceptional in this area for most uses’ cases.

However, let us tackle some of the small important points:

Firstly, even if Encore will produce fine grinds suitable for an espresso, it is still recommended to use it only with a pressurized portafilter.

Secondly, the grind becomes less uniform upon reaching the coarsest end of the spectrum after the 35th setting or so.

In fact, the grind setting is only really for cold brews where you can showcase the extraction time to account for the grind’s inconsistencies.

The grind range of 250 up to 1200 microns is suitable for brewing however you like. This conical burr grinder ensures you can tailor the grind size while ensuring grind uniformity.


Baratza Encore is a very basic model that does not come with bold or special features. But this is still a solid choice with a few interesting key advantages.

Among the other grinders, Baratza Encore is the only grinder in its price range that has 40 settings and can be calibrated according to the perfect grind size. That is enough to help you improve your brewing skills since you can quickly alter the particle size based on the type of coffee you are making.

Its DC motor keeps your beans cool while gear speed reducers slow the burr to 550 RPM to enjoy a quieter and smoother bean feeding. At the same time, Encore refrains from overheating that can cause the beans to prematurely release volatile aroma oils.


Slow – Technically speaking, this is a slow coffee grinder. However, this can be considered as ‘pro’ to other coffee geeks – it just depends on who you ask.

Basic – Since Encore is the most basic model from Baratza, there isn’t any convenience features like dose controls or timers.

Messy – Due to the static electricity building up, it is quite messy when the grounds bin is removed.

No espresso – Baratza Encore grinder is not specifically designed for espresso. While you can still possibly calibrate it to fine grind, it still doesn’t make it suitable for a long time grinding this fine.


If you frequently buy fresh coffee beans from a local roaster like Bellissimo Coffee and have started experimenting with various kinds of mineralized water for your brew. That means you might belong to the group that could benefit from an even better grinder.

You are not using a digital scale from Acaia or Rhino Coffee Gearwhen brewing and you often buy coffee from the supermarket – then Encore will definitely suit your needs.


Baratza Encore Coffee Grinder is an ultimate choice not only for beginners but for those who want to upgrade from a blade grinder or entry-level grinder as well. As a beginner, you can already get the tools to brew better and tastier coffee. It can definitely help you kick start in the coffee industry without spending too much.

However, if you are looking for something more advanced, then you might want to check out other coffee grinder options in store.

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