Christmas Gift Guide 2021 for Coffee Lovers

Christmas Gift Guide 2021 for Coffee Lovers

Christmas gift ideas for coffee drinkers have a lot of options out there. In fact, they are wonderful to shop for because there are various coffee beans, tools, accessories, and appliances to choose from.

Brew Solutions Australia organized a list of classic coffee gears from some of the top coffee brands in the industry. Have a look on each of the following items below and choose which you think will impress the coffee drinkers this coming holidays.

1)Ditting 807 Lab Sweet

Ditting 807 Lab Sweet grinder is perfect for coffee lovers wanting to step up their grinding experience. It fulfills the highest quality requirements with close to zero retention. 807 Lab Sweet suits cuppings at the laboratory as well as for grinding single portions at the coffee shop. Among the 807 models from Ditting, this is the only grinder equipped with premium cast steel burrs, featuring a special grinding teeth geometry.

2)Batch Brewer Filter Papers

A box of filter papers for a variety of batch brew units. It comes with 1000 filter papers designed to filter your brew. Thus, you can enjoy a delicious cup of coffee clean of grinds.

Marco Bru unit is the batch brewer of choice. However, this paper filter is also compatible with the following brewers.

  • Marco Bru F45M & F45A
  • Marco Bru F60M & F60A
  • Bravilor Bonamat TH Series
  • Bunn BX-B & BTX-B
  • Bunn VPR Series

3)Aremde Coffee Machine

Aremde is well-known for its minimalistic design that gives more experience to baristas and customers. This coffee machine is perfect for anyone looking for a high-end espresso maker.

Brew Solutions Australia currently has Aremde Nexus One & Aremde Modus One in store. If you are looking for a café equipment for a serious coffee drinker or someone who owns a café, you might want to consider getting a machine for espresso-making.

Modus One

Aremde Modus One Coffee Machine is the AREMDE modular under-counter system. Elements that are easy to piece together, creating great flow for everyday action. Starting with the cup warmer and cup holder we will continue to develop parts of MODUS for your convenience. Non-standard custom colour - paint only Full customisation - non-standard custom colour, logo, matching portafilter and tamp
Available on order - please allow 2-3 weeks lead time
Prices incl. GST

Nexus One

Aremde Nexus One Coffee Machine has been built with a goal of just minimalism in style. By reducing the above-counter equipment and giving it a see-through structure, social interactions between baristas and customers will surely be improved. The Aremde Nexus One can be whatever part of the rainbow you had in mind, we can produce a colour that suits your interior. Also, this includes Nexus Radius Colour.
Available on order - please allow 2-3 weeks lead time
Prices incl. GST

4)Brewing Scale

Weighing the coffee beans and water for espresso making are often one of the coffee brewing details that goes unnoticed. Just like any experienced barista would say, CONSISTENCY IS THE KEY.

Choose from any of our available coffee brewing scales in store. There are various gram scales that work for espresso brewing, and below are the suggested features to check out:

  • Measurements in grams & ounces
  • 1000 – 2000 gram capacity
  • Rapid response time
  • Measuring platform large enough for a large mug or French press

In fact, some of the brewing scales can be connected with their own applications. Such as Hiroia Jimmy & Acaia Pearl Brewing Scale. Learn how this suite of applications can help you make a seamless brewing experience.

Hiroia Jimmy Scale - Detachable Coffee Scale | Brew Solutions Australia

Hiroia Jimmy Scale

Hiroia Jimmy Scale is the first ever detachable coffee scale in the world that lets you connect with the application and record the brewing data you've made. You may choose to detach the magnetic display, and watch it wherever you want. This allows you to monitor the Jimmy Detachable Scale away from the machine.
Price incl. GST
Coffee Gear Dosing Scales 500g | Brew Solutions Australia

Coffee Gear Dosing Scale

Coffee Gear Dosing Scale is a bench scale that doesn't take up much space but allows you to check basket dose throughout the day. With 0.1g accuracy, this coffee gear scale will surely help you deliver the best espresso! Weighing 0.1g incrementing up to 500g, Coffee Gear Dosing Scale is the most suitable for weighing dose for espresso baskets.
Price incl. GST

5)Coffee Beans (Single Origin Coffee Beans & Coffee Blends)

Have a taste on the single origin coffee and coffee blends from the highest awarded coffee roaster in Australia – Bellissimo Coffee. Coffee beans vary from light to dark roast with different flavor notes you can definitely enjoy.

6)Coffee Bean Subscription

One of the perfect items in a Christmas gift guide for coffee lovers is a coffee subscription. At Bellissimo Coffee, your giftee can set up their own coffee subscription. For instance, they can set up the preferred coffee and grind type.

7)Coffee Blend with a Cause

In partnership with the small steps 4 Hannah Foundation, Bellissimo Coffee created the HALT Blend. This is a bold full-bodied coffee that is great served with milk as a latte – Hannah’s favourite coffee.

Proceeds are donated to the Foundation and its initiatives to educate and advocate for stronger domestic violence legislation.

8)Aeropress Coffee Brewer

Aeropress Coffee Maker has set a new standard for coffee lovers. It is perfect for making incredible tasting coffee and espresso at home. With its immersion brewing technology, your giftee can enjoy a clean, bright, & smooth coffee.

9)Espresso Machine Cleaner

This espresso machine cleaner is perfect for coffee aficionado who already has everything they need, and you just want to give them something they could use to properly maintain their coffee equipment.

Cafetto Evo Espresso Cleaner helps remove coffee grounds and stains, coffee oils, while improving the taste and aroma of espresso. This cafetto espresso cleaner is just one of the cafetto grinder cleaners that is non-GMO and free from chlorine and phosphates.

Cafetto 500G Espresso Cleaner

Cafetto Espresso Clean is tested by NSF and certified to protocol P152. This guarantees that Cafetto Espresso Clean will not taint the coffee and is not corrosive to the espresso machine. When espresso loses its shine, the first place for the barista to look is in the cleanliness of the machine.  A dirty group head can compromise the quality of an otherwise great shot of coffee.  Cafetto Espresso Clean can handle the clean-up without tainting the coffee; as well, it's non-corrosive so will not damage the espresso machine.
Prices incl. GST
Cafetto Evo Espresso Cleaner - Organic Espresso Cleaner | Cafetto

Evo Espresso Machine Cleaner

Cafetto Evo Espresso Cleaner has rapidly soluble and free-rinsing formulation that are biodegradable and odorless. It helps remove coffee grounds and stains, coffee oils, while improving espresso taste and aroma. It is made available in 1kg, 500g and 125g jars with measuring scoop included for a more accurate dosing. Cafetto Espresso Cleaner is one of the cafetto grinder cleaners that is non-GMO and free from chlorine and phosphates.
Available on order - please allow 2-3 weeks lead time
Price incl. GST

10)Brewista Stout Spout Temperature Kettle

Whether it is for a French press, pour over, or a tea, your giftee will surely enjoy this Brewista Stout Spout Temperature Kettle. It can sit tidily on your countertop, and boil to the temperature you set.

You can request for customization from Brewista such as custom engraving on Brewista Stout Spout Kettle. It requires no setup fees or minimum requirements.

11)Wacaco Minipresso NS

Another item on our Christmas gift guide is your go-to coffee maker for traveling. This Minipresso from Wacaco is a fun novelty gift for coffee lovers that is fully portable.

Who says traveling stops you from sipping that favorite coffee drink of yours? This portable coffee maker can be hidden in a small pocket of your luggage. Just add the hot water and ground coffee beans, and you are good to go!

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