Ditting 804 Lab Sweet at World Brewers Cup 2019

Ditting 804 Lab Sweet at World Brewers Cup 2019

Every detail of Ditting represents Swiss precision. After a keen scientific analysis and evaluation of the customers’ demands, Ditting 804 series were developed. Known for its accuracy and consistency in grinding, this coffee shop grinder model becomes a perfect match for pour overs.

Back in the many regional and international brewers cup competitions, Ditting 804 was the grinder of choice. It even contributed to a lot of winning performances and several sponsorships of local barista competitions. And for the second time around, Ditting sponsored the 2019 World Brewers Cup with their Ditting 804 Lab Sweet Grinder.

Ditting 804 Lab Sweet Grinder

Ditting 804 Lab Sweet Grinder combines 804 series’ grinding technology with special functionalities for lab applications. It comes with stepless grind adjustment and a knocker at the spout. Thus, Ditting Lab Sweet ensures the highest precision and prevents cross contamination of different varieties of coffees.

804 Lab Sweet Features

  • Aroma-saving grinding
  • Can be easily maintained and cleaned
  • Wear-resistant premium cast steel precision grinding discs
  • Manual knocker results to minimal retention of coffee residues left in the spout
  • Adjustable mounting position of the tray in different heights
  • Stepless grind adjustment within an extended range
  • Contributes to consistency with extraction and more sweetness in a cup

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How is Ditting 804 Series Different from Ditting 807 Grinder Series?

Even if they are similar in size, Ditting 804 and Ditting 807 series grinders are completely different. However, the grinding discs are just the same. Apart from that, all the electronic components and housing cannot be interchanged.

Valued for its impressive functionality and reliability, Ditting 804 Grinder requires more frequent and thorough cleaning. This is because this coffee grinder is commonly used when different flavors of coffee beans must be ground. Since 1970’s, the 804 series have been in the coffee industry. It comes with basic design and a couple of design upgrades and certifications over the years.

On the other hand, the 807 series replaces the 804 series while fulfilling the same requirements and with upgraded features. The 807 Shop grinder, 807 Lab Sweet, and 804 Filter series suit those who directly grind into a filter basket. Every model features individualized functionality, a sleek and modern design, and the utmost user-friendliness.

Some of the upgraded features of Ditting 807 includes:

  • The motor runs cooler
  • The second fan stands behind the grinding chamber
  • Basic size similar to 804 series, but with a recommended clearance cabinet of about 25”. This allows for opening and filling the hopper.

Ditting 804 and 807 series come with the same basic design of Ditting Lab Sweet models. Ditting 804 Lab Sweet in the 804 series is mirror-finished with the sweet discs installed. On the other hand, the discs on the 807 Lab Sweet are the main difference. It uses a tray instead of a vibrator plate just like in the KR804 and KR807 models.

The ‘sweet’ discs found on the 804 and 807 ‘sweet’ grinders are similar. The ‘sweet’ discs affect the flavor and bring out the sweetness of the bean while helping it to eliminate bitterness.

  • Sweet discs can be freely installed into any Ditting 804 series or 807 series grinders.
  • The standard 807 grinders (KR807) use standard, machined discs.
  • The standard 804 grinders (KR804, KR804 Lab) are standard, machined discs.

What are the recommended uses?

  • Ditting KR models with a vibrator plate work best for grinding into coffee bags and filters.
  • Ditting Lab and Lab Sweet models suit grinding into cups, coffee bags, and filters. 

*Ditting Lab Sweet grinders appear to be more popular with home grinders.

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