List of Barista Tools and Equipment for a Coffee Shop

List of Barista Tools and Equipment for a Coffee Shop

When the conversation suddenly turns into coffee, people often ask how a barista quality coffee is made. They think there is a magical secret behind it. What they didn’t know is there’s no secret nor magic trick at all.

In 2021, it is evident that even with the pandemic, people won’t abandon coffee. A 18.9% revenue decrease from 2020 has been marked in the coffee industry against 2019. However, it is expected to surge back at a CAGR of 8.6% through to 2025. 

For up-and-coming café owners, this article will give you a quick shopping list and some tips and tricks along the way.

Understanding Your Equipment Needs

It is not always straightforward when we talk about the list of barista tools and equipment for a coffee shop. You will most likely need blenders and stirrers too. And rather than just buying a simple coffee maker, it might seem like you are stocking up a bar. Start stocking your shelves and get your baristas ready!

Coffee, Espresso, and Beverage Equipment

Couple machines are required in order to brew a café quality coffee, most especially when starting a coffee shop with equipment. There are also specific standards that must be adhered to when purchasing an equipment for any business that prepares food or beverage. Check whether it is NSF approved and if it meets safety standards.

1) Espresso Machine

Espresso machine tops the set of coffee shop start-up equipment. It may be a hefty investment, but they are critical for a coffee shop.

The coffee machine you will be using contributes to the perfect cup of cappuccinos, café americanos, and macchiatos. Some of the well-known and top performers are La Marzocco, Synesso, Aremde, Sanremo, and many more top coffee machine brands.

2) Coffee Grinder (Industrial Coffee Grinder)

One of the common mistakes of coffee shop starters is settling with inappropriate machine types. Take note that you don’t have to run your shop with a standard coffee grinder, even during your first few months. Compared to residential options, commercial coffee shop equipment performs on a much higher level.

Industrial coffee grinders start right around $1,000. This type of coffee grinder can usually hold between 1.5 pounds to 5 pounds of coffee beans. In just a few minutes, you can grind them down already.

3) Coffee Brewers

Lots of coffee houses use coffee brewers whenever they don’t want to put the quality of brewed coffee at risk. During your slow periods, brewers will deliver the most value as most are single or small use.

With coffee brewer present in your list of barista tools and equipment for a coffee shop, you can achieve the following:
  • Single serve brewing
  • Small serve brewing
  • Automatic Grinding
  • Automatic Brewing

4) Automatic Drip Coffee Makers

Coffee shop appliances revolve around different brewing devices, and an automatic drip coffee maker is just one of them.

A coffee maker for automatic drip must include water system or connection, basket, and carafe. A hot plate in drip coffee maker uses a hot plate to keep the carafe of coffee warm, resulting in burnt coffee and poor taste. With metal carafes, heat can be retained and burnt taste will be reduced.

Additionally, a self-service commercial coffee machines are worth considering, which may have longer lifespans and less maintenance.

5) Milk & Water

A wide variety of milk options can be provided by your vendor such as whole milk, oat milk, soy milk, and 2% or reduced-fat. As for the water, keep in mind that you will need this through your utilities as well as a filtration system.

6) Milk Jugs

Milk jugs are very much useful in your list of barista tools and equipment. Also known as pitchers, milk jugs are in charge of steaming/frothing the milk. Milk jugs are available in stainless steel and Teflon-coated colours, which are specially designed to aid in producing micro-foam.

7) Milk Thermometers

Milk thermometers are necessary when steaming/frothing. Without it, you will tend to lose the exact streaming temperature at which perfect caramelization is achieved. The perfect caramelization of sugars and proteins in the milk can be achieved if the milk is steamed between 60 to 65 degrees Celsius. Failure to maintain this temperature may negatively impact the milk quality and expose you to potential health risks.

8) Industrial Blenders – Frappe & Smoothie Must-haves

Another thing in the list of barista tools and equipment is the industrial blender. It may look like your standard at-home device, but commercial blenders are far more powerful. They are important when crafting a specialty blended or frozen drinks and smoothies.

9) Coffee Tamper (Stainless Steel or Calibrated)

A barista tamper plays an important role on how your espresso shot pours. Sometimes, people opt for a standard stainless-steel tamper and rely on their own judgement for applying pressure. On the other hand, calibrated tampers are commonly used in commercial locations and home baristas. This allows you to set a pressure threshold. For instance, you want to give it a pressure of 10 pounds – as you tamp, you will eventually hear a click once 10 pounds of pressure is achieved. This only proves you are consistently applying the right pressure and avoiding the issue of over-extraction and wrist injury.

Barista Tamper

Simple is sometimes the best with the classic combination of aluminium or timber and steel to suit every decor. Choose the colour for your handle to match your decor or personality! All you need to do is unpack and you are tamper ready! With the perfect balance you see with every Pullman Barista Tamper, you'll get a lifetime of service and great extractions from this tool of the trade. Comes complete with 3 spacers to give you the perfect height and comfortable grip ergonomics.
Other colour options are available upon enquiry.
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10) Tamping Mat

A thick rubber mat you place on your benchtop and use for coffee tamping process. The heat from the portafilter will then be absorbed by the mat, thus preventing damage to your benchtop.

11) Dosing Scales

While this is just optional, we would still recommend them for commercial locations and home users. A dosing can help you troubleshoot your espresso grind properly. Thus, it allows you to weigh your grind and espresso shots for optimal quality and performance.

12) Espresso Shot Glass

An espresso shot glass is highly recommended for commercial cafes in Australia, as well as home baristas. These are glasses that are heat resistant with volume measurements and can under any group.

13) Knock Bin / Waste Tube

Also called as waste tube or knockout tube, knock bins are usually round or square with a bar across the centre at the top. Simply ‘knock’ the coffee grinds out of the portafilter basket and straight into the bin using the centre bar.

Thumpa Cafe Knock Tube - Coffee Knockout Tube | Brew Solutions
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Rhino Thumpa Cafe Knock Tube

Rhino Thumpa Cafe Knock Tube is a durable and stable knockout tube about 860mm tall. As it is virtually indestructible, it perfectly fits the demanding needs of a busy coffee shop. It surely lasts long due to its high density, shock-resistant polyethylene (HDPE). The knockout tube can be replaced as per your desired size.
Price incl. GST
Rhino Square Knock Chute - Knock Box Chute | Brew Solutions
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Rhino Square Knock Chute

Rhino Square Knock Chute is a commercial coffee knock chute that's neat and stylish in heavy duty 304 grade stainless steel. It fits perfectly with cafes, restaurants and office applications. To ensure measurements are exact, it is recommended to use the actual product as the template when cutting into benchtops. Dimensions: Approx 140mm x 150mm x 110mm (5.51 x 5.91 x 4.33 in)
Price incl. GST

14) Espresso Machine Cleaner & Grouphead Brush

To keep your barista tools and equipment clean is just as important as preparing a perfect cup of coffee. It is worth investing to high quality cleaning products specially designed for breaking down coffee oils and fats.

Cafetto 500G Espresso Cleaner

Cafetto Espresso Clean is tested by NSF and certified to protocol P152. This guarantees that Cafetto Espresso Clean will not taint the coffee and is not corrosive to the espresso machine. When espresso loses its shine, the first place for the barista to look is in the cleanliness of the machine.  A dirty group head can compromise the quality of an otherwise great shot of coffee.  Cafetto Espresso Clean can handle the clean-up without tainting the coffee; as well, it's non-corrosive so will not damage the espresso machine.
Prices incl. GST
Cafetto Evo Espresso Cleaner - Organic Espresso Cleaner | Cafetto

Evo Espresso Machine Cleaner

Cafetto Evo Espresso Cleaner has rapidly soluble and free-rinsing formulation that are biodegradable and odorless. It helps remove coffee grounds and stains, coffee oils, while improving espresso taste and aroma. It is made available in 1kg, 500g and 125g jars with measuring scoop included for a more accurate dosing. Cafetto Espresso Cleaner is one of the cafetto grinder cleaners that is non-GMO and free from chlorine and phosphates.
Available on order - please allow 2-3 weeks lead time
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15) Barista Cloths

One of the standard coffee cleaning tools for café equipment is the barista cloth. It is a certain type of microfiber cloth for picking up all the little coffee particles out of the basket.

Final Thoughts

The barista tools and coffee equipment for a coffee shop is substantial. However, once you found the quality pieces of machinery and matching wares, you are ready to open your own! Ensure that you carefully gather the right equipment first in order to produce a delicious cup of coffee.

You will also need to add one or some of the items below among the list of barista tools and equipment for a coffee shop. All depending on the coffee types you would like to offer.

  • French Press
  • Decanters or cold brew makers
  • Coffee dripper
  • A coffee siphon

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