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World Coffee Championships 2022

World Coffee Championships 2022 will be hosted by Melbourne International Coffee Expo (MICE). This expo is held annually, however, due to COVID-19 disruptions, it has been postponed to September 27-30, 2022. Together with the 2022 World Coffee Championships, the World Brewer Cup will also take place at the expo 

Melbourne International Coffee Expo, also known as MICE, was founded in 2012. It is one of the largest and dedicated events for coffee roasters, café owners, equipment manufacturers, service suppliers, and many more to facilitate real business opportunities. Known throughout the Asia Pacific, MICE provides a wealth of networking opportunities together with Melbourne Coffee Week.

Who should attend World Coffee Championships 2022?

World Coffee Championships 2022 or World Barista Championship (WBC) leads the international coffee competition. This competition comprises of more than 50 champion competitors produced annually by World Coffee Events (WCE). Each competitor prepares 4 espressos, 4 milk drinks, and 4 original signature drinks to exacting standards in a 15-minute performance set to music.

WBC focuses on promoting excellence in coffee, advancing the barista profession while engaging a worldwide audience. This competition stands as the culmination of local and regional events globally.  

Every participating certified WCE judge from around the world evaluates each performance depending on the taste, cleanliness, creativity, technical skill, and the overall presentation. The ever-popular signature beverage widens baristas’ imagination and the judges’ palates to incorporate a wealth of coffee knowledge into an expression of their individual tastes and experiences.

Fifteen competitors with the highest scores from the first round will advance to the semifinal round together with the wild-card winner from the Team Competition. Then, the remaining six competitors in the semifinal round will advance to the finals. From there, one winner will be entitled as the World Barista Champion.

Are you in the coffee industry who wants to try new coffees, test an equipment, and look for the best supplier for your business? Then it’s time for you to attend the MICE2022!

Why join the exhibit?

Newly established businesses or old businesses are welcome to participate in the MICE exhibit. This could be your turning point if you’d like to showcase your brand to over 11,000 coffee industry professionals.

If you are interested to become an exhibitor at MICE2022, you may send an enquiry form on their website.

Prime Creative Media is the events organiser of MICE. As Australia’s largest B2B publisher, they have been specializing in marketing for a range of industries – such as food and beverage sector. If you are among the interested exhibitors, you may directly contact the events organisers for costings on +61 3 9690 8766 or MICE offers a range of packages from shell schemes to space only sites.

Is 'shell scheme' better than 'space only' stand?

Space only packages are intentionally bought to build a custom stand. It does not include flooring, power, lighting, or furniture. At a minimum, exhibitors interested in ‘space only’ package must lay carpet or raised floor, and add a neat, enclosed back wall.

If you are interested in ordering furniture, the show builder Exponet will get in touch with you closer to MICE to arrange your desired furniture and power orders.

On the other hand, ‘shell scheme’ stand works like a booth set-up that comes with walls, basic power and lighting, carpet, and a front fascia with your business name.

Is insurance for the exhibit needed?

Every exhibitor must acquire Public Liability Cover as listed in the manual. The coverage must extend from the start of the bump in period to the end of the bump out period. The Certificate of Currency must be provided endorsing and noting the interest of the Event Organisers, Prime Creative Media Pty.Ltd 11-15 Buckhurst Street, South Melbourne, Victoria 3205, Australia (ABN 51 127 239 212), for the said period. The insurance cover must enclose liability for a personal injury as well as damage to property.

Who will be there?

A team of expert coffee technicians with the best technical support & services on site.