Brew Solutions discusses its commitment to sustainability

Brew Solutions discusses its commitment to sustainability

Technical service provider Brew Solutions is passionate about supporting its customers to make informed decisions about machine performance and environmental impact.


As the coffee industry focuses on sustainable developments in each segment of the supply chain, Brew Solutions Australia Co-Founder Leigh Michelmore says the technical service provider has a key role to play. Not only is it committed to providing customers with a range of products that deliver high performance standards, it is committed to educating customers about their sustainable benefits.  

“Sustainability has become pretty black and white. Everybody’s talking about it. If you’re not thinking about it and considering being sustainable, you risk being left behind,” Leigh says.

“Business owners need to be accountable, and staff need to be educated to help eliminate our industry’s contribution to waste, in what has a big throwaway culture. Customers know about base level initiatives such as reusable coffee cups, even producers using sustainable farming methods, but many don’t know the benefits of sustainable machinery.”

The key, Leigh says, is communication. While coffee machines lack the energy star ratings applied to appliances such as washing machines and fridges, the information Brew Solutions Australia shares with café and roaster customers is crucial to helping them make informed purchasing decisions. 

“It’s up to us to be responsible and inform our customers about the range of machines on offer and their sustainable features, which may actually sway a purchasing decision,” says Leigh.

“As a business owner, it’s important to align yourself with brands that meet the sustainable needs your customers are looking for. Using equipment that proves its efficiency and power, has reduced environmental impact and helps lower power costs, is a win-win.”

Ascaso is one such brand that has a strong sustainable ethos. Reducing the energy consumption of its coffee machines has been a priority for the past 10 years. The result is the creation of its own T technology developed in-house at its Barcelona headquarters.

Its Barista T two-group machines consume 4.6 kilowatts per hour and guarantee an energy saving of 50 per cent compared to other single-boiler machines. Based on average European usage and prices, it is estimated Ascaso customers can save about $450 on their annual electricity bill and an average 5.5 kilowatt-hours per 24-hours over 300 days of machine usage.

Its machines use electronically controlled thermoblocks to conserve energy by heating the extraction water only. Thanks to its electronic temperature management feature, the heating element only operates when necessary, and only for as long as required. As there is no water in the group, very little energy is needed to maintain the right temperature. 

All coffee groups and steam boiler are PID-controlled and feature electronic thermostats that are fast and precise, in addition to thermal lagging to help increase the machine’s energy-efficiency. 

“Ascaso ticks all the boxes. It’s professional, communicates well, and always has the interests of the consumer and the environment front of mind,” says Brew Solutions Business Development Manager Nick Ferguson.

Victoria Arduino is another passionate manufacturer producing machines that are economically and environmentally considered under its core pillars of innovation, education, and sustainability.

Its Eagle One commercial espresso machine embraces sustainability in all senses of the word: energy use, space saving, new materials, and accessibility.

Victoria Arduino’s instant water heating system called NEO (New Engine Optimisation) includes a new boiler made entirely of stainless steel, and thermal insulation made with a material that guarantees extreme isolation and reduces heat dispersion. 

NEO operates in the extraction phase. Its role is to heat the amount of water required exactly in the moment it’s needed, thus reducing energy-related costs. This same technology and NEO engine is also used in Victoria Arduino’s E1 Prima.

The patented technology in the Eagle One is the Temperature Energy Recovery System, also aimed at further reducing the need for thermal energy. This system works in combination with the autopurge, thus ensuring sustainability and workflow are improved simultaneously. Every time a barista purges the group head, the energy of this hot water is recovered, and used to pre-heat incoming water, resulting in an 8 per cent saving on total machine consumption. 

A lifecycle assessment of Eagle One’s new technologies found this model to have 23 per cent less environmental impact and fewer CO2 emissions compared to other devices.

“Victoria Arudino is a brand that actively considers power saving, energy efficiency and its environmental impact. Every time Victoria Arduino designs a machine, it connects with café owners and baristas to address their needs and constantly works on its technology to see how it can accommodate in the most power-saving and cost-effective way,” says Brew Solutions Business Manager Stacey Benjamin.

Aremde is another brand that stands by its ethos of minimalistic design and using materials that have a recyclable purpose. 

“In the production of Aremde machines, nothing is wasted, and everything has a purpose,” Leigh says. “Ninety per cent of the components used to manufacture the machine are sourced with sustainability in mind. Aremde products are made in Brisbane, Australia, so not only are you saving on freight, which is costly and harmful for the environment, you are supporting the Australian economy.” 

Leigh says it’s important customers keep an open mind when making a new or refurbished machine purchase. Design and functionality are one thing, but a healthy supplier relationship is another. 

“We want to build a sustainable relationship with our customers and for them to feel we have their back and are here to support them whenever the need it,” Leigh says. 

“Here at Brew Solutions, we’ve all run cafés. We know the costs of running a business and what customers want, and cost savings and machine longevity is certainly part of that. We don’t want to sell a machine because it’s a machine. We want to make sure it is right for the customer and will save them money over time. Customers can trust our experience and knowledge. As business owners, we genuinely want them to succeed, and have a positive experience with Brew Solutions.”

Leigh and Geoff Michelmore founded Brew Solutions in 2016. With Leigh’s many years of corporate and customer relationship experience and Geoff’s technical know-how, their opposite traits have complemented a business that has quickly evolved into a family-run technical service provider for Southeast Queensland, and a national equipment supplier. 

“We have worked in the industry long enough to know what we didn’t want the business to be, and it’s grown from there,” Leigh says. 

“I pride myself on looking after our customers, as well as our staff. I will go above and beyond. That comes down to just being a decent person, treating people with respect, being open and honest. People have enough struggles and problems as it is. To have someone they can rely on, someone who can always provide a solution, is why we’re here.” 

Leigh also gets a huge sense of satisfaction knowing her staff love coming to work each day. 

“We spend a lot of time together so knowing that their time at Brew Solutions is enjoyable for them, also increases productivity and the wellbeing on each individual. That energy is then is passed onto our customers,” she says.

Leigh is confident Brew Solutions has a strong future ahead, and is determined to see the company thrive.

“We’re always learning. The industry is forever changing and we need to change with it, but our growth is very organic. I want to watch our team grow and still be here in 20 years’ time with the same customers by our side – that’s when you know you’ve created a successful business.” 

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