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The company was co-founded in 2013. First product created was the Acaia Pearl coffee scale, which was successfully funded on Kickstarter. The production model of the white Pearl officially launched at SCAA Expo in 2014 and won the Best New Product Award.

Acaia products are infused with experiences in manufacturing laboratory precision balances and designing beautiful consumer products. Upon discovering that the specialty coffee industry had a need for precise and accurate scales, the founders set out to create one that was both aesthetically pleasing and precisely functional.

Acaia Products

Acaia Lunar Base Plate


Acaia Lunar Base Plate protects your Acaia Scale from any moisture and heat. With its polycarbonate base, moving scale across slotted drip trays is no longer a problem. Works perfectly especially with the ones involving frequent repositioning of the Lunar.

  • Specifically designed for heavy or commercial use
  • Can be easily assembled; includes all necessary hardware & tools
  • Replacement aluminum inner base
  • 4mm on all sides of the Lunar


Acaia Lunar Scale


Acaia Lunar Scale is one of the coffee making accessories for your weighing needs. Built with anodized aluminum, the acaia lunar coffee scale is specifically designed for espresso machine drip trays. It has a fast response rate and high accuracy allowing you to track consistency of your espresso shots. Additionally, Acaia Lunar Scale is prevented from water damage due to its electronic parts inside and the LCD display with water-resistant spray.

Acaia Lunar Weighing Plate


Acaia Lunar Weighing Plate is a matte-black finished magnetic plate. It holds a portafilter or two standard cappuccino cups side-by-side on acaia lunar scale.

Dimension of lunar plate : 160 x 80 x 3.3mm

Acaia Pearl Brewing Scale


Loved and favored by professional baristas and cafes around the world, Acaia Pearl Brewing Scale makes a seamless brewing experience! A suite of apps that can be connected via Bluetooth are available to help you with your brewing and firmware upgrades.