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Aremde logo - Aremde Coffee Machines

Aremde focuses on minimalism when it comes to building coffee machines. They believe that being minimalistic is a way of life and not just a style as it means more experience and less machine. Baristas will be able to display their art and skills at the fullest thus being able to engage with customers at the max.

Aremde literally designed a hole in the wall that creates more experience and less machine. With that, the connection between the coffee master or the baristas and the customer is optimized to the max.

Aremde Products

Nexus One


Aremde Nexus One Coffee Machine has been built with a goal of just minimalism in style. By reducing the above-counter equipment and giving it a see-through structure, social interactions between baristas and customers will surely be improved.

The Aremde Nexus One can be whatever part of the rainbow you had in mind, we can produce a colour that suits your interior. Also, this includes Nexus Radius Colour.

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