Brand Partner – Ascaso

Ascaso was founded in Barcelona where designs and manufactures are purely produced. All of the machines are hand-crafted with love, honesty, precision and obsession. Coffee machines are with much love hand-crafted by the skilled hands of their craftsmen. They see to it that machines are reliably constructed and checked by internal quality control system. Each and every product they make undergoes one-by-one test and subjects to extreme life testing for quality assurance.

Ascaso Coffee Grinders

Ascaso F4 Eco


Ascaso F4 Eco black is an on demand grinder that has simple yet continuous micrometric grinding adjustment. It comes with 58mm grinder blades, motor power with 250 Watts and hopper with capacity of over 600 grams.

Price incl. GST

Ascaso F4 Nano


Ascaso F4 Nano coffee grinder is an A model from Ascaso with micro switch for automatic filling doser. F4 Nano features compact and robust design with colors available in Grey, Black, Matt Black, White, Pearl White and Red.

Price incl. GST

Ascaso F64 Evo


Ascaso F64 Evo is a super fast electronic coffee grinder featuring touchscreen displays with capsense technology and a hopper capacity of 1.5kg.

Colors available for the model are grey. black, matt black, white, pearl white and red.

Price incl. GST

Ascaso F83 E


Ascaso F83 E is an electronic coffee grinder manufactured by Ascaso. It has flat blades of 83mm in diameter featuring touchscreen displays with CapSense technology.

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