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Bombora is Australia’s number one supplier and one-stop-shop for any needs for water filtration, coffee machine spare parts, coffee machine cleaning tools and barista tools. Composed of Bombora’s growing team is a group of 30 awesome staff that includes five representatives on the road servicing. With over 12 years of experience and a range of 4000 specialty products that have been continuously growing, Bombora is very proud to be an Australian owned and operated business.

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Rhino Pitcher Rinser 600mm - Rhino Coffee Gear | Brew SolutionsOut Of Stock

Rhino Pitcher Rinser


Bombora’s Spinjet Vessel Rinser is a 600-mm long Rhino Coffee Gear, in-bench vessel rinser. It has been designed specifically for busy hospitality environments that features a large sink and spinjet valve.

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Bottled Water Dispenser Pump - Flojet Pumps | Brew SolutionsOut Of Stock

Flojet Single Inlet Bottled Water Dispensing System


The new Flojet 5000 Series Bottled Water System is designed to work with coffee/tea makers, refrigerator ice and water dispensers, espresso carts and portable sinks or any use requiring portable potable water.The 5000 Series Bottled Water System is also designed for convenience.The pump automatically shuts off when the water source is depleted and restarts when water is restored. Its compact size supports easy mounting.

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21000738A Flojet Single Inlet Wand Kit


The Flojet 21000738A Single Inlet Wand Kit is the replacement suction wand and hose assembly for the BW5000 Series Bottled Water System. This kit includes a single wand with a 48″ hose with the quick disconnect fitting and connection for the float switch already connected, making this a very easy installation.

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PASF202S Melitta Filter Paper 202s


The Melitta Pyramid Filter Papers provide the best flavour development in both large and small quantities.

Simply fold the embossed corners, fold over the two opposite corners, and insert the filter into the coffee machine.

Dimensions: 260mm (W) x 158mm (H)

Pack of 100.

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Cafetto 500G Espresso Cleaner


Cafetto Espresso Clean is tested by NSF and certified to protocol P152. This guarantees that Cafetto Espresso Clean will not taint the coffee and is not corrosive to the espresso machine.

When espresso loses its shine, the first place for the barista to look is in the cleanliness of the machine.  A dirty group head can compromise the quality of an otherwise great shot of coffee.  Cafetto Espresso Clean can handle the clean-up without tainting the coffee; as well, it’s non-corrosive so will not damage the espresso machine.

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58mm Group VST Precision Filter Basket (20Grams)


58mm Group Coffee Machines Portafilter VST Precision 20gram Ridgeless Double Filter Basket

Note: This Basket Has No Locating Ridge

Experience uniform extractions across all groups for the first time – permanently. The essential espresso filter for those in search of the ultimate cup.

Suits most  E-61 group heads and any group that measures 60mm in diameter and work with a tamper 58.3mm. Dosing capacity is from 19-21 grams. Recommended for use with the following machines: La Marzocco, Synesso, and most Nuova Simonelli models using their standard portafilters.  Faema, La Cimbali and Rancilio suit, but require a bottomless portafilter.  Also compatible with the La Marzocco SWIFT Grinder. Basket Height 26mm.3

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Milk Jug Rinser Bench Top Long Drain Tray


Rinsing steaming pitchers between each use is not only a sanitary preparation practice, but is also beneficial to the proper production of quality textured milk. The Pitcher Rinser can be configured into virtually any application. Rectangle in shape, with built-in water and drain connections; also plumbed for drainage. Adaptable to most any espresso bar. Comes with easy to follow installation instructions.

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Rhino Spinjet Valve Gasket Kit


The Rhino Spinjet Valve Service Gasket Kit has been designed for routine maintenance and gasket replacement on the Rhino Coffee Gear Spinjet Rinser and Valve Set.

Contains: 1 x Spring, 1x Piston Gasket, 3 x Mechanism O-rings

Please note: This gasket kit is suitable for replacing gaskets in the RHPR600-S, RHSPINSET and EP_RINSERKIT1. Not suitable for the RHPR300 or RHPR600.

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Rhino Corner Tamper Mat


The Rhino Coffee Gear Corner Tamper Mat is made from thick and durable food grade silicon rubber. Protect both the bench and portafilter with this generous size ‘industrial’ quality work surface. Fits neatly on the corner of the bench.

Mat Dimensions: 145mm x 208mm (5.71 x 8.19 inches)
Drop: 47mm.

Dishwasher Safe

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Rhino Pitcher Rinser 600mm Spinjet


The Rhino Coffee Gear Pitcher Rinser 600mm Spinjet has been designed to fit in the bench of cafes, restaurants, coffee bars, and juice bars. This vessel rinser features a new honeycomb drain tray and a new Actuator Star design, which both help to prevent liquid build-up. It also includes a Rhino Spinjet Valve which sprays and spins at the same time for an effective clean.

Sitting at 600mm in length, the RHPR300-S fits multiple milk pitchers and blenders comfortably, making it perfect for all busy hospitality environments.

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