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BWT which stands for Best Water Technology has a slogan of “For You and Planet Blue” portraying their aim of acting sustainably and responsibly in all their company activities. Their goal is to meet the needs of all people as individuals and to preserve the Blue Planet as a unique living environment.

“For You” refers to everyone to whom they provide services at such as customers, business partners, shareholders, as well as employees. “For Planet Blue” on the other hand illustrates the existential global importance of water. It is BWT’s extensive competence in all areas of water treatment that enables them to process 98.5% of the globally limited water.

BWT Water Filtration Equipment

Maxiflow Systems and Cartridges


BWT Filters provide MaxiFlow Systems and Cartridges that fit into Everpure QL1 filter heads. It reduces chlorine, taste/odour, scale formation and sediment. It is available to remove parasitics cysts such as cryptosporidium and giardia too.

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Carbon Block Filter Cartridge


Carbon Block Filter Cartridge Fibre Block is a high-performing carbon cartridge. A pleated carbon filter designed for low pressure low solids applications. Made available in 1 and 2 high in standard and wide diameter.

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Bestprotect V 2 Stage Water Filter Kit


BWT BestProtect V filter gives optimal protection against scale and corrosion. While improving water quality, it also offers critical protection to your valuable machine technology.

BestProtect V filter is compatible with BWT water + more filter heads, with simple one-way system that can be used either horizontally or vertically. Also, it is applicable to coffee and steamer ovens for all hot and cold drinks.

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BWT Bestmax Filter Head


BWT Bestmax Filter head is the perfect solution that can be fixed to any BWT water+more filter. Thus, you only need to purchase it once. Bypass is safe that can be installed easily and used repeatedly.

It comes with 3/8″ external thread.

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BWT BestProtect S Water Filter


BWT BestProtect S, a water filter serving as a protection against salts, high gypsum and corrosion. It protects equipment used for production of hot beverages in food services.

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BWT BestProtect Filter V


BWT Bestprotect Filter V is an exceptional water filter for preventing corrosion and deposits. It improves the water quality while offering critical protection for valuable machine technology. Also, it is one of the most reliable prevention of stainless steel corrosion.

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BWT BestMax Premium V


BWT BestMax Premium V filter cartridge features an AromaPlus formula. Thus, adding Magnesium to water to achieve full flavour of coffee and tea. Water that’s magnesium-enriched is particle-free and odourless.

The filter cartridge is an innovative filtration system for water optimisation in the food service sector. It balances mineral contents of water, buffers pH value and produces firm espresso crema.

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BWT Bestmin M Filter Cartridge


BWT Bestmin M Filter Cartridge optimises water that comes with low mineral content. It serves as the best solution for deficiency restoration while giving stale-tasting water the superb quality. Thus it brings out the full flavour profile of hot drinks.

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BWT Bestprotect Filter XL


BWT Bestprotect Filter XL is an effective solution for preventing scale and gypsum deposits. Also, it maintains constant pH value and prevents corrosion problems even with high sale content.

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BWT Bestprotect Filter 2XL


BWT Bestprotect Filter 2XL features high quality filter medium and high-end BWT Technology. Thus, it provides your machine technology the best possible protection. The bestprotect offers critical protection to your machine while improving the quality of your water as well.

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