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Espresso Parts offer the largest source of common and hard to find espresso & coffee equipment parts for both new and classic equipment. Also, they offer custom parts kits designed especially for general maintenance, emergency parts and rebuild needs.

Espresso Parts Products

Barista Basics Corner Tamping Mat


Barista Basics Corner Tamping Mat is perfect for espresso preparation. It features a 90 degree corner edge resting over the edge of your bench to protect it from wear and tear.

Barista Basics Knockbox Open Bottom


Barista Basics Coffee Knock box Open Bottom 6″x6″x5″ is not like any other knock box on the market. Designed with a strong ABS plastic, this espresso knock box has good quality and durability. It comes with a removable NBR rubber knock bar, making it quite easy to clean. NBR rubber hush gasket also comes in every packaged unit for noise reduction.

Pallo Grindminder Brush


The Pallo Grindminder Brush is a coffee grinder brush combined with a counter brush. An all in one convenient tool that lets you brush the grinder on one end and sweep off the counter using the other end.

  • Hanger hole so you can store it out of the way
  • Ergonomic handle to keep your hand in a comfortable natural  position
  • Natural food-grade bristles for you to collect small and large grinds
  • Low profile head for reaching under NSF height

Pitcher Rinser Maintenance Kit


Pitcher Rinser Maintenance Kit is a must have for maintaining Espresso Parts Rinsers.As recommended for heavy usage, rebuilding rinser spray assembly once every six months is best. For moderate usage on the other hand, it is recommended rebuilding every 12 months while every 18 months for light usage. Doing so will help maintain the lifespan and performance of your rinser.

Pitcher Rinser Maintenance Kit comes with spring, set of gaskets and pitcher rinser activation piston.

Scace 2 Thermofilter


Scace 2 Thermofilter is a temperature and pressure measurement tool that works best for Nuova Simonelli machines. It can read temperature within a 10th of a degree and comes with glycerin-filled pressure gauge for a more accurate pressure readings.