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Do you have the same dedication to coffee as we do? So much passion and effort goes into a beautiful coffee, even before it reaches the end consumer. Farmers select and harvest cherries only when they’re at an optimum ripeness. Diligent and thorough sorting during processing means only the highest quality beans are shipped. Roasters devise and execute roast profiles to highlight the unique flavor notes of each bean and its origin. Finally, baristas display true craftsmanship to brew a cup which does the bean and the efforts of everyone else in its journey to the customer justice.

A well brewed cup of coffee allows you to experience the layers of flavor of that bean, as well as the layers of passion and effort it went through for you to experience it. We believe every cup should encapsulate that experience. We know that in order to do that, it takes more than love and passion; it takes precision and repeatability. Here, at HIROIA, we allow you to do just that. HIROIA, let us listen to coffee.

Hiroia Cafe Equipment

Hiroia Jimmy Scale


Hiroia Jimmy Scale is the first ever detachable coffee scale in the world that lets you connect with the application and record the brewing data you’ve made. You may choose to detach the magnetic display, and watch it wherever you want. This allows you to monitor the Jimmy Detachable Scale away from the machine.

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Hiroia Samantha Brewer | Brew Solutions AustraliaOut of stock

Hiroia Samantha Brewer


Hiroia Samantha Brewer is first of its kind that allows you to set your own ideal temperature, brew at different pour rates, intervals and volumes, fully controllable with your smartphone.

Having Samantha Brewer is like having your very own professional barista at home. Through HIROIA platform, you can buy, share, and make different flavor profiles for coffees from around the world based on different types of coffee beans and different regions.

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