Brand Partner – Melitta

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Melitta has a philosophy of offering coffee enjoyment with their products that is closely connected to their business’ stability. This involves a lasting and stable balance between economic, ecological and social interests, to ensure the long-term success of the company. At the same time, it involves protecting people, animals and the environment.

Melitta’s electrical products have undergone a life cycle analysis check. The analysis is done every two years to ensure that they can measure themselves against current technical requirements in the market.

Melitta Products

Caffeo Barista T


The barista for your home.

From ristretto to flat white, a real barista knows best when it comes to coffee making. He already know which coffee bean type is ideal for every coffee specialty, in which order the ingredients should flow into your cup according to the original standard, and he remembers just how you wanted to drink your coffee.

Thanks to Melitta Caffeo Barista T for you can now enjoy barista variety in your very own home. With up to 18 delicious varieties of coffee, an elegant design and intuitive operating concept; it is a pleasure for all your senses.

Premium quality for connoisseurs.


Caffeo Barista TS


The barista for your home.

As a barista, this high quality fully automatic coffee machine knows which order the ingredients for 21 coffee specialities should flow into your cup, according to the original recipe. And always with the correct type of coffee bean, thanks to the ‘Automatic Bean Select’.

Up to 8 people can save their favorite drink under their own name through “My Coffee” feature. The TFT colour display and the intuitive touch and slide feature provide you with excellent service as well.

Premium quality for the discerning.