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In 2011, espresso bars used to face tamping problems such as level tamping, wrist fatigue and especially inconsistency between alternating baristas. Even though good baristas are experts in tamping, getting multiple baristas to deliver the same amount of tamping pressure time and again, is a challenge. Puqpress then thought of automating the process and was able to create the first ever machine that’s half a meter high looking like a rocket.

3rd generation of Puqpress was launched in 2015 and is currently available in 45 countries worldwide. Now baristas can focus on what they do best: getting all the variables of brewing delicious coffee just right.

Puqpress Products

Puqpress Q2 Automatic Coffee Tamper


Puqpress Q2 Automatic Coffee Tamper is world’s first fully automatic coffee tamper. It fully transforms the coffee tamping process while removing the risk of it.

Puqpress Q2 is so easy to use and definitely delivers perfect consistency in its end product.