Rancilio was founded in 1927 by Roberto Rancilio in Italy. Since then, it was known to be producing the world’s finest espresso machines.

The earliest machine produced by Rancilio was La Regina. Until now, the machines are popular for the innovations applied on each and every coffee machine. In collaboration with team of experts and MOMO Design, Rancilio continuously produce machines with cutting edge brewing technology, unique workflow design and expertise.

Rancilio Coffee Grinders

Rancilio Kryo 65 OD


Rancilio Kryo 65 OD is specifically designed for high volume on-demand grinder. It also works as a perfect match for any
Rancilio espresso machine.
This on-demand dosing grinder features a patented cooling grinder chamber reducing heat from friction when grinding.
Its ergonomic design and quality provides excellent stability even in situations of intense use.

Available on order – please allow 2-3 weeks lead time
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