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Rhino Coffee Gear offers durable, high performance equipment for your home or café. Designed specifically for roasters, baristas, buyers and pro-level home brewers, Rhino Coffee Gear products are made to last for thousands of uses, so you don’t have to worry about your tools giving out on you. Seattle Coffee Gear has a great selection of coffee and espresso supplies by Rhino Coffee Gear, ranging from their ever-popular hand grinders to basics like milk frothing pitchers, shot pitchers, tamping mats and more.

Rhino Coffee Gear Products

Rhino 600mm Spinjet Rinser with Blender Attachment | Brew SolutionsOut Of Stock

600mm Spinjet Rinser with Blender Attachment


Rhino 600mm Spinjet Rinser with Blender Attachment is the rinser kit you surely need! It is applicable for larger vessels and popular blender jugs like Vitamix and Blendtec. Featuring Rhino Spinjet Valve, it spins and sprays quickly while removing stubborn waste from your vessel. With its low profile body, it ensures effective liquid removal, reducing common odours from static waste. Additionally, the large actuator plate supports blender jugs and larger vessels such as milkshake cups and plungers.

Pitcher rinser installation requires Pressure Limiting Valve (PLV) on a main water line.

Price incl. GST
Coffee Gear Dosing Scales 500g | Brew Solutions AustraliaOut Of Stock

Coffee Gear Dosing Scale


Coffee Gear Dosing Scale is a bench scale that doesn’t take up much space but allows you to check basket dose throughout the day. With 0.1g accuracy, this coffee gear scale will surely help you deliver the best espresso! Weighing 0.1g incrementing up to 500g, Coffee Gear Dosing Scale is the most suitable for weighing dose for espresso baskets.

Price incl. GST
Rhino Flat Tamper 58.5mm tamper | Brew Solutions AustraliaOut Of Stock

Rhino 58.5mm Flat Tamper


Rhino 58.5mm Flat Tamper is a coffee tamper that comes without handle making it easier on the wrists when tamping. It is designed with a two step locking system that is easily adjustable. Thus, allowing the user to set and tamp to the desired depth every time.

Price incl. GST
Cocoa Shaker Stainless Steel Fine - Rhinowares | Brew SolutionsOut Of Stock

Rhino Cocoa Shaker Stainless Steel


Rhino Cocoa Shaker Stainless Steel is a fine mesh shaker. It is ideal for any commercial coffee machine or home coffee machine. Hard single mould stainless body and a well secured stainless steel screw top lid is provided. This cocoa shaker perfectly fits with Rhino Coffee Gear’s domestic waste tube and tamper mat.

Price incl. GST
Cupping Bowl Rhinowares - Coffee Cupping Bowl | Brew SolutionsOut Of Stock

Rhino Cupping Bowl


Rhino Coffee Gear designed Rhino Cupping Bowl as they know how vital it is when purchasing coffee beans. The design is black on the inside so baristas can focus less on the colour and clarity. Most noteworthy, focus more on the flavour and aroma of coffee beans.

Price incl. GST
Rhino Pitcher Rinser 300mm - Rhino Spinjet RinserOut Of Stock

Rhino Pitcher Rinser 300mm


Buy Rhino Pitcher Rinser 300mm now and get a faster, more effective clean and use with 30% less water! It can fit multiple milk pitchers making it perfect for all busy hospitality environments.

Price incl. GST
Rhino Bench Station 300mmOut Of Stock

Rhino Pitcher Rinser Bench Station 300mm


Rhino Bench Station 300mm removes the hassle of cutting large holes in your bench top. It lifts the vessel rinser up off the bench in its own stainless steel casing. Also, this suits the Rhino Pitcher Rinser 300mm and Rhino Pitcher Rinser with Blender Attachment 300mm.

Price incl. GST
Rhino Milk Jug 950ml - Rhino Professional Milk Jug | Brew SolutionsOut Of Stock

Rhino Pro Milk Jug 950ml


Rhino Pro Milk Jug 950ml/32oz from Rhino Coffee Gear. Designed by professional baristas, this milk pitcher is ideal for use at home or in the cafe. It is entirely made of stainless steel that features refined spout useful for latte art.

Price incl. GST
Rhino Pro Milk Jug 600ml/20oz - Stainless Steel | Rhino Coffee GearOut Of Stock

Rhino Professional Milk Jug 600ml/20oz


Rhino Professional Milk Jug 600ml/20oz is designed by real baristas in the industry. It is made of high quality stainless steel perfect for latte art.

With its incremental scale etched inside the milk jug, baristas can surely save money over time! However, this may vary slightly from actual measurements are are to be used as guide only.

Price incl. GST
Rhino Spinjet Upgrade - Rhino Coffee Gear | Brew Solutions AustraliaOut Of Stock

Rhino Spinjet Upgrade


Rhino Spinjet Upgrade works by simply unscrewing the current shower and screw on the spinjet. With Spinjet  Upgrade, you can easily turn your standard Rhino Coffee Gear spray assembly into Spinjet option.

Price incl. GST
Rhino Square Knock Chute - Knock Box Chute | Brew SolutionsOut Of Stock

Rhino Square Knock Chute


Rhino Square Knock Chute is a commercial coffee knock chute that’s neat and stylish in heavy duty 304 grade stainless steel. It fits perfectly with cafes, restaurants and office applications. To ensure measurements are exact, it is recommended to use the actual product as the template when cutting into benchtops.

Dimensions: Approx 140mm x 150mm x 110mm (5.51 x 5.91 x 4.33 in)

Price incl. GST
Rhino Tamper 58mm Black - Rhino Coffee GearOut Of Stock

Rhino Tamper 58mm Black


Rhino Tamper 58mm Black weighs in at approximately 500g that’s very durable and comfortable to use when tamping!

Price incl. GST