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1/4 inch Anti-Vacuum Valve


1/4″ Anti-Vacuum Valve with Long Pin allows oxygen to enter boilers until pressure builds up. For example, as the temperature rises in the boiler, the steam starts creating pressure. Once the pressure builds up, it starts to push the valve upwards and shuts it. Thus, allowing the boiler to pressurize.

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Group Head Spacer 71X59X0.8MM


Group Head Spacer 71X59X0.8MM is used to compensate for wear and tear in the group head channel and portafilter lugs, as such bringing the portafilter back to perpendicular in relation to the machine.

Each spacer is equivalent to increasing the group head seal by 0.8mm.

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Shower Screen


Shower screen diffuses the group head water to spread evenly over the filter baskets where the coffee is.They can become lose and blocked over time, and need replacing.

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