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Green O-ring Viton


Green O-ring Viton 7.52×3.53. The Hardness of this is 75 Shore A.The alternative names of the compound are Viton ® – FKM and they are mostly produced by Viton® – Du Pont – 3M – Solvay – Daikin. The O-ring is commonly used in and has an operating temperature range from -20 ºC to 205 ºC. O-rings are indicated as and have a DIN 3771 Size of 7.52×3.53. This item is equal to and has an Approval. The chemical name of this Oring is Fluorocarbon Rubber.

Group Head Gasket 73x57x8mm


Group Head Gasket 73x57x8mm

Ideal replacement period is every 6 months. This is due to its rubber material becoming brittle with constant cycle of heating and cooling. Once the rubber becomes brittle, the group head may start leaking around the portafilter, the portafilter will generally start traveling past perpendicular and the seal becomes increasingly hard to remove.

Group Head Spacer 72X59X0.5mm


Group Head Spacer 72X59X0.5mm is used to compensate for wear and tear in the group head channel and portafilter lugs, as such bringing the portafilter back to perpendicular in relation to the machine.

Steam Valve Shaft O-ring


Steam Valve Shaft O-ring (Red) NR 02280014.

This is also applicable to the following machines:

Astoria, Bezzera, BFC, Boema, Brugnetti, Carimali, ECM, Elektra, Faema, Futurmat, Gaggia, Leone, Pavoni, Rancilio, Royal, San Marino, Sanremo, San Remo, VBM, VA, Rocket, Wega,

Under Cup Gasket 2mm – E61


Under Cup Gasket 2mm suitable for all variations of the E61 group, this is the thicker of the two for worn groups and/or portafilters where the portafilter locks into place too far to the right.

Suitable for Sanremo machines.