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Corner Tamping Mat - Tiamo Coffee Tamper | Brew Solutions AustraliaOut of stock

Corner Tamping Mat


Corner Tamping Mat by Tiamo lets you tamp with ultimate speed and confidence. Tamping spot securely holds portafilter for a precise, consistent and maximum comfort whenever you tamp, leading to a better coffee!

It has built-in rests for both the tamper and group handle that allows the tamping process to be comfortable and neat. Designed with anti-slip silicone rubber, this coffee tamping mat won’t slip off the counter mid-tamp.

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Tiamo Milk Jug 360ml Gold | Brew Solutions AustraliaOut of stock

Milk Jug 360ml Gold


This Milk Jug 360ml gold from Tiamo are standing out on its gold titanium plated finish. Tiamo milk jugs that are titanium plated on the outside while stainless steel on the inside.

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Milk Jug 600ml Gold - Tiamo Titanium Milk Jugs | Brew SolutionsOut of stock

Milk Jug 600ml Gold


The Gold Milk Jug 600ml is a quality milk pitcher from Tiamo. It has stainless steel body with titanium plating on the outside. This Tiamo Titanium Milk Jug is super sturdy, durable and extra elegant in bright gold shade.

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Tiamo Dosing Cup - Stainless Steel Dosing Cup | Brew SolutionsOut of stock

Tiamo Dosing Cup


Tiamo Dosing Cup provides a more efficient workflow. Instead of dosing it into your portafilter, you can dose directly into a small cup. The stainless steel dosing cup produces less coffee mess on the counter, which is faster for weighing individual doses. Also, it helps distribute coffee grounds in the portafilter more evenly.

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Tiamo Tapered Milk Jugs - Barista Milk Jugs | Brew Solutions AustraliaOut of stock

Tiamo Tapered Milk Jugs


Tiamo Milk Jugs are stainless steel on the inside and powder coated on the outside. These milk jugs from Tiamo come in three sizes and three colours. Red, blue and grey are available in 360ml, 600ml and 950ml. Colour array is specifically designed to allow baristas to easily identify milk type at a glance. Red is for full cream, Blue is for light and Grey color is for soy. Taping or writing on jugs is no longer a problem as well as they already have measuring scales etched both outside and inside of jug. As a result, you will be able to pour the right amount of liquid while reducing waste.

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