Coffee machines that are commonly called coffeemakers are electronic devices for brewing coffee. You simply place the coffee grounds in a filter paper of metal filter inside the funnel followed by a water that is poured into a separate chamber and then heated up to the boiling point.

Aside from coffee grinders, Brew Solutions Australia supplies various coffee machines from different brands such as La Marzocco, Melitta, San Remo and Synesso.

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Ascaso Barista T One


Ascaso Barista T One is a very sturdy, professional coffee machine suitable for establishments with medium to high consumption. It is ideal for all types of coffee consumption facilities in a professional environment: low, medium or high, making it suitable for any commercial application. Machine is equipped with E-61 one-boiler technology and thermosyphon circulation system. Featuring a minimalist and functional design, Barista provides excellent coffee cup quality as well.


Ascaso Barista T Plus


Ascaso Barista T Plus incorporates latest-generation technology. Multi group with complete PID control and is highly energy efficient

Technology T, is a state-of-the-art multi-group technology. Engineering developed entirely by Ascaso. It offers great thermal stability with a high level of energy efficiency (low energy consumption) and clean and fresh water in each coffee.

The machine has a cleaner, more stable and sustainable water management. It freshly delivers water in every shot of coffee with sustainable T Technology, more efficiency and lower price.

Ascaso Barista T Zero


Ascaso Barista T Zero with Joy Stick Steamwood is a stainless steel coffee machine with T Technology. It provides a cleaner, more stable and sustainable water management due to state-of-the-art multi-group technology. With technology’s goal of reducing machine energy, Ascaso delivers an average of 50% energy saving compared with traditional machines.

Ascaso Duo PID Steel


Ascaso Steel is a semi-professional coffee machine with an industrial look for the home. It comes into three different series: Ascaso Steel Uno, Ascaso Steel Duo and Ascaso Steel Trio. Designed by Ascaso Factory engineering team, it’s offered in a robust industrial bodywork meeting user requirements. Manufactured with highest quality materials and minimum use of plastic makes it perfect for home, offices and even Hospitality channel.

Much more options are available in PID version. It provides complete professional performance, external PID display (temperature setting), adjustable pre-infusion, stand-by option, externally adjustable OPV and many more.

Cafe Racer


Sanremo Cafe Racer is a coffee machine born to run; producing maximum result in the cup, one coffee after another. It is a very powerful and reliable machine that is so easy to handle with a versatile and stylish look. A unique high performing machine that will surely be loved by coffee professionals!

This machine from Sanremo lets you program every group for pre-infusion, water volume and temperature. For every group, four different profiles can be saved, and the continuous dispensing function as well. Its design was built from the visions of the past combined with the future in three versions:

  1. Naked (with its unmistakable transparent sides to see the powerful heart of pure stainless steel)
  2. Freedom (has 4 coloured side panels available to be enhanced as per your preferences)
  3. Custom (the team can personalize the finishes for your coffee machine)



Since 2004, Cyncra machine has been the bedrock of Synesso. It became the evolution and embodiment of the Standard machine which rapidly gained a devoted following among baristas and café owners around the world. With incomparable P.I.D. controlled temperature stability and independent brew tanks, it maintains its position as the true work horse of the industry that continues to impress today with its stability, durability and ongoing baseline improvements. The Cyncra machine is Synesso’s foundation. The weighty list of features make it easy to see why this is one of the premier commercial espresso machines in the world.



The FB80 machine was named to commemorate the founding brothers since “FB” stands for Fratelli (brothers) Bambi, and the company’s 80th anniversary as well. The machine was manufactured for the 2006 World Barista Championship where it became ideal for locations where quality in the cup and design are equally important. It is equipped with GB5 technology and fitted with panels that can be produced in any RAL color or decorated with logos or artwork.

The FB80 reflects La Marzocco’s pursuit of perfection, and expression of excellence.



GB5 machine model was introduced in 2005 by La Marzocco. It was named after Giovanna Bambi, the wife of Piero Bambi, where it became an ideal espresso machine for the most elegant and classic cafes, and an understated companion to any coffee bar. GB5 machine is designed for superior temperature control that has CPU board. It combines gracious lines and harmonious curves with powerful technological advancements that is in line with the design and spirit of classic La Marzocco. The unmatched temperature stability provides steady brew water and steam even at the peak of the morning rush.

Elegant engineering with superior temperature control.



La Marzocco’s GS3 which means “gruppo saturo” is perfect for those who wants to extend excellence to include a supreme cup of coffee – may it be in boutique hotels, small restaurants or at home in the kitchen. GS3 is ideal for the espresso coffee enthusiast and perfectionist!

Professional-grade espresso equipment, built for the home.

Hiroia Samantha Brewer


Hiroia Samantha Brewer is first of its kind that allows you to set your own ideal temperature, brew at different pour rates, intervals and volumes, fully controllable with your smartphone.

Having Samantha Brewer is like having your very own professional barista at home. Through HIROIA platform, you can buy, share, and make different flavor profiles for coffees from around the world based on different types of coffee beans and different regions.

Kalerm K95L


Kalerm K95L Coffee Machine has 7″ LCD touch screen with android system useful for optional tap payment system. Machine comes with 20+ programmable customisable beverages capable of producing multiple cups for occasions.



The Leva machine comes with two types of machine named Leva X and Leva S. Leva X is designed to reimagine what a lever-actuated espresso machine can be while the Leva S machine is dedicated to those with an eye to the past and a vision for the future.

Linea Classic


La Marzocco Linea Classic is a specialty coffee icon that never goes out of style and is considered to be an ideal workhorse for high-volume cafes. Since the early 1990s, it has defined the specialty coffee industry and buoyed its development through its clean lines and simple charm that furnished many cafes, chains and roasters. A tested and true machine, the Linea Classic performs reliably in high-volume settings making it perfect for your new cafe, restaurant or bar. The machine comes with a dual boiler system, saturated groups and PID controller designed and dressed in polished stainless steel and includes stainless steel portafilters and advanced precision baskets.

A union of simplicity and elegance that never goes out of style.

Linea Mini


The Linea Mini machine comes with dual boilers and an integrated brew group allowing it to achieve the temperature stability and energy efficiency of the saturated brew group in a reduced footprint. Linea Mini is a handmade machine with the same components used in their commercial machines to ensure the same durability that Linea Classic has become famous for.

The iconic design and performance of a La Marzocco comes home with the Linea Mini. 

Linea PB


Linea PB was designed by and named in recognition of Piero Bambi, introducing a new level of performance, reliability, and craftsmanship. Piero refined and sharpened the design elements and fine-tuned performance features making Linea Classic a specialty coffee icon. The Linea PB machine features the iconic La Marzocco polished stainless steel body, updated with simplified lines and a lower profile, equipped with exclusive, user friendly interface software giving the baristas direct functional control over boiler temperature, brewing volume, hot water tap does, auto back-flush as well as other options.

The new conical mechanical paddle is the first dual-boiler espresso machine with saturated groups that is inspired by the original mechanical group used on La Marzocco GS. This conical valve system assures progressive control of pressure and water flow through an internal orifice, prior to applying full pressure. The new conical paddle valve is controlling the pre-infusion while the volumetric pump works at full pressure – therefore baristas may perform pre-infusion on one group while the other extracts the coffee. This dynamic system allows baristas to reduce channeling for a more balanced extraction.

A heavy duty workhorse – capturing the past and envisioning the future! Now made available with Auto Brew Ration technology and new conical paddle!



The Synesso MVP coffee machine maintains the epic standards set by Cyncra machine such as Synesso’s user-friendly controls, reliability and unparalleled thermal stability. Yet, Synesso knows that consistent repeatability is a necessity for all espresso machine owners and users. We are all driven to look for better ways in making that vision a complete reality. The MVP technology is now providing exceptional tools that allow you to dial in your espresso recipes, save parameters in seconds, and perfectly repeat them on any group as many times as desired.

MVP Hydra


The MVP Hydra coffee machine offers even more ways to simultaneously increase control and repeatability in espresso making process. It also provides the ability to fine tune your coffee recipes on an even deeper level. It has 4 programmable stages of pressure profiling- Preinfusion, Ramp Up, Full Pressure (9 bar extraction), and Ramp Down.

Nexus One


Aremde Nexus One Coffee Machine has been built with a goal of just minimalism in style. By reducing the above-counter equipment and giving it a see-through structure, social interactions between baristas and customers will surely be improved.

The Aremde Nexus One can be whatever part of the rainbow you had in mind, we can produce a colour that suits your interior. Also, this includes Nexus Radius Colour.

Opera V2


Sanremo Opera V2 started from a dream, which is both innovative and simple. An international group of coffee experts reunited together with the vision of creating the finest espresso machine ever.

The real users of coffee machines expressed their needs without any geographical or language barriers: having a precise tool which could allow them to control and manage different parameters and extraction phases in order to best evaluate each single or specific single mono-origin coffee blend.

Sanremo has organized a superior team starting from the initial brainstorming until the finish line, the Opera… this is a story about us, our experience, determination and passion.

Rancilio Classe 11

Rancilio Classe 11 was projected with a unique aim: to open a new chapter in the history of high quality espresso. A simple, fast and intuitive technology that will become the new benchmark in the sector.

Rancilio Classe 11 models are: Classe 11 USB XCELSIUS; Classe 11 USB; Classe 11 USB Tall XCELSIUS and Classe 11 USB Tall.