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Ascaso Arc

Ascaso Arc coffee machine portrays simplicity and efficiency. An intermediate model equipped with the same technical features as Ascaso Dream machine. Arc model is designed and handmade in Barcelona with the highest quality materials and a metallic body. It protects elements from corrosion and wear and tear.

Ascaso Bar


Ascaso Bar is a professional coffee machine suitable for moderate use. It comes in three different brewing solutions – ESE coffee pod, ground coffee and capsule.

All machines are designed and handmade in Barcelona with its own technology. It is a versatile model with two options: water tank or water network connection. Also, this machine is very energy-efficient and 100% healthy that manages to obtain an exceptional result.

Ascaso Barista


Ascaso Barista is a very sturdy, professional coffee machine suitable for establishments with medium to high consumption. It is ideal for all types of coffee consumption facilities in a professional environment: low, medium or high, making it suitable for any commercial application. Machine is equipped with E-61 one-boiler technology and thermosyphon circulation system. Featuring a minimalist and functional design, Barista provides excellent coffee cup quality as well.

Ascaso Barista T Plus


Ascaso Barista T Plus incorporates latest-generation technology. Multi group with complete PID control and is highly energy efficient

Technology T, is a state-of-the-art multi-group technology. Engineering developed entirely by Ascaso. It offers great thermal stability with a high level of energy efficiency (low energy consumption) and clean and fresh water in each coffee.

The machine has a cleaner, more stable and sustainable water management. It freshly delivers water in every shot of coffee with sustainable T Technology, more efficiency and lower price.

Ascaso Basic

Ascaso Basic coffee machine became a trend in the “Clean and pure” category in 2008. As time goes by, Ascaso Basic still maintains its design of clean and pure lines. Basic machine is equipped with the same technical features as their Dream or Arc models, but a body in ABS.


  • Thermoblock group
  • Thermal stability
  • Less limescale build up
  • Unlimited steam
  • 100% Healthy
  • Clean Water

Ascaso Big Dream Specialty


Ascaso Big Dream Specialty is the top-of-the-range coffee machine with everything that a barista might require. With its stainless steel body, it helps with the thermal stability, double pre-infusion and efficiency for an extraordinary cup of coffee.

Dream espresso machine has a range of 15 colours and three finishes: Gloss. Matte and Hand-crafted. Also, mirror-polish finish featuring an artisan-mechanical process that gives its own character to each piece.

Ascaso Dream

Ascaso Dream is a home coffee machine allowing you to have a magical coffee experience. Designed by Marc Aranyo 15 years ago, Ascaso Dream still remains a dream to many. It is built with highest quality of materials such as aluminum, stainless steel, brass and minimal use of plastic.

Model is also available in PID version offering a total professional performance. Other than a wide range of colors, mirror-polish finish that features an artisan-mechanical process is also made available!

Ascaso Dream PID


Ascaso Dream PID espresso machine offers double dose of technology and style pleasing every baristas! It originally came from the Ascaso Dream machine but with a taste of innovation. Packed in powerful programming like temperature and offset control, pre-infusion, power saving modes and single or double shot programming.

-Programmable Shot Controls

-Adjustable OPV

-PID Temperature Control

-Small espresso machine perfect for your household too

Ascaso Steel

Ascaso Steel is a semi-professional coffee machine with an industrial look for the home. It comes into three different series: Ascaso Steel Uno, Ascaso Steel Duo and Ascaso Steel Trio. Designed by Ascaso Factory engineering team, it’s offered in a robust industrial bodywork meeting user requirements. Manufactured with highest quality materials and minimum use of plastic makes it perfect for home, offices and even Hospitality channel.

Much more options are available in PID version. It provides complete professional performance, external PID display (temperature setting), adjustable pre-infusion, stand-by option, externally adjustable OPV and many more.