Sanremo australia is really determined in providing you the best support in identifying a suitable coffee machine for you. Sanremo also takes care of the installation processes and provides you an efficient assistance afterwards through their network of distributors and technicians across different places in Australia.

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Cafe Racer


Sanremo Cafe Racer is a coffee machine born to run; producing maximum result in the cup, one coffee after another. It is a very powerful and reliable machine that is so easy to handle with a versatile and stylish look. A unique high performing machine that will surely be loved by coffee professionals!

This machine from Sanremo lets you program every group for pre-infusion, water volume and temperature. For every group, four different profiles can be saved, and the continuous dispensing function as well. Its design was built from the visions of the past combined with the future in three versions:

  1. Naked (with its unmistakable transparent sides to see the powerful heart of pure stainless steel)
  2. Freedom (has 4 coloured side panels available to be enhanced as per your preferences)
  3. Custom (the team can personalize the finishes for your coffee machine)
Available on order – please allow 2-3 weeks lead time
Price incl. GST



Sanremo F18 coffee machine is inspired by the world of military aviation, bringing all its might into international coffee shops. A painstaking teamwork led to this new model, which is winning hearts in our community while bringing forth several new features into our range. Clear lines surround a new low-voltage electronics to ensure flawless extraction every time.

The Sanremo F18 is ready for take off! With a sleek design and user-friendly interface inspired by fighter jets, our newest machine is a tried and tested workhorse and top performer.

Designed for medium to high volume coffee venues, the F18 is a top-performing multi boiler machine with great steam performance and next generation technology providing intuitive programming and features that improve both performance and energy efficiency (SEEM).

Available on order – please allow 2-3 weeks lead time
Price incl. GST

Opera V2


Sanremo Opera V2 started from a dream, which is both innovative and simple. An international group of coffee experts reunited together with the vision of creating the finest espresso machine ever.

The real users of coffee machines expressed their needs without any geographical or language barriers: having a precise tool which could allow them to control and manage different parameters and extraction phases in order to best evaluate each single or specific single mono-origin coffee blend.

Sanremo has organized a superior team starting from the initial brainstorming until the finish line, the Opera… this is a story about us, our experience, determination and passion.

Available on order – please allow 2-3 weeks lead time
Price incl. GST

Zoe Compact


Within a tiny frame comes a number of features! Sanremo Zoe Compact machine was born from a desire to provide bars, restaurants and pubs with control, output and quality typically associated with large professional coffee machines where counter space is limited. The Zoe Compact machine has the same size with Zoe Group 1, but offers you twice the coffee output through its additional group head. It is a coffee machine that has dimensions of 530W x 528D x 543H mm and can incorporate a 7-litre boiler. It gives baristas the potential to make real use of the 2 group heads and produce multiple coffees with no fuss.

Available on order – please allow 2-3 weeks lead time
Price incl. GST

Zoe Competition


Sanremo Zoe Competition is a high performance and modern style machine offering exceptional value. It is a machine that provides top of the range quality for a great entry level price. Its eye-catching exterior is a brand new innovation in espresso machine design, where the frame forms part of the exterior of the machine, meaning the machine is constructed from an all in one build material (“monocoque”) giving it a strength and style which is currently unmatched.

Zoe Competition machine has calibrated water temperature to aim for the bulk of drinks being served close to 91°c. It gives a near perfect heat for espresso without the need for a temperature control system. It comes with two fast steam wands, 10-litre boiler (2 Group) and hot water tap.

Available on order – please allow 2-3 weeks lead time
Price incl. GST