Acaia Lunar Base Plate


Acaia Lunar Base Plate protects your Acaia Scale from any moisture and heat. With its polycarbonate base, moving scale across slotted drip trays is no longer a problem. Works perfectly especially with the ones involving frequent repositioning of the Lunar.

  • Specifically designed for heavy or commercial use
  • Can be easily assembled; includes all necessary hardware & tools
  • Replacement aluminum inner base
  • 4mm on all sides of the Lunar


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Acaia Lunar Base Plate is an aluminum weighing plate made with polycarbonate shell. Because of this, base moves freely across drip trays; a bonus for workflows involving repositioning.

Product Inclusions:
  • Hex Key (1)
  • Lunar Base Outer Shell (1)
  • Acaia Lunar Base Plate (1)
  • 6 x Screws




Easy Repositioning

  • Worry no more as this scale is a fuss-free scale that is very quick for settings requiring frequent repositioning. This is made possible by the outer shell that’s made of polycarbonate.

Ready for Heavy Use

  • Plate is applicable for heavy use since it is made of commercial-grade polycarbonate. Thus, making it more durable and fortified in heavy-use settings.

Protected from moisture and heat

  • Acaia Lunar is now protected from splashes and spills reducing contact with moisture and heat.