Acaia Lunar Weighing Plate


Acaia Lunar Weighing Plate is a matte-black finished magnetic plate. It holds a portafilter or two standard cappuccino cups side-by-side on acaia lunar scale.

Dimension of lunar plate : 160 x 80 x 3.3mm
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Acaia Lunar Weighing Plate Features:

Steady grip surface – With the steady grip surface of lunar weighing plate, it keeps shot glasses and cups from accidentally sliding off.

Enlarges weighing surface – Easily holds a portafilter or two standard cappuccino cups side-by-side.

Magnetic attachment – Comes with magnetic plate to easily attach acaia lunar for easy repositioning but with sturdy replacement.


With Acaia Lunar Weighing Plate, you can expand the measuring capabilities of your Acaia Lunar Scale. It enables you to go beyond the space limitations of the scale on its own. Also, it could fit a standard commercial portafilter and two 190 mL cappuccino cups. Reinforced as eva-foam and designed for sturdy grip, the lunar plate reduces the vibration.

Most noteworthy, it offers a quicker, more precise and easy replacement & removal of plate due to its magnetic design.


Acaia is known for having free applications that are best designed for different uses and scenarios such as:

  • For baristas who like to share their coffee recipes with their co-baristas too.
  • Syncing multiple scales and copy certain coffee recipe
  • Log and monitor your coffee brewing data with an ease
  • Similarly, you can record coffee brewing processes