Rhino Pitcher Rinser 600mm Spinjet


The Rhino Coffee Gear Pitcher Rinser 600mm Spinjet has been designed to fit in the bench of cafes, restaurants, coffee bars, and juice bars. This vessel rinser features a new honeycomb drain tray and a new Actuator Star design, which both help to prevent liquid build-up. It also includes a Rhino Spinjet Valve which sprays and spins at the same time for an effective clean.

Sitting at 600mm in length, the RHPR300-S fits multiple milk pitchers and blenders comfortably, making it perfect for all busy hospitality environments.

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Rhino Pitcher Rinser 600mm Spinjet Features

Multi-Functional — Large enough to act as a drain in a space where no sink is available.

Improved Draining — New drain design reduces residue buildup and speeds draining.

Large Actuator Plate — Allows you to clean jugs, pitchers, servers, and beyond.

Optional Spinjet — Spins while spraying for a more robust, effective cleaning experience.

Movable Rinser — Insert the rinsing jet in the center or on the side of the rinser with a few simple steps.

Install Parts Included — Comes with all the fittings and hoses needed for a basic install.

NSF Certified — Deemed sanitary and safe for kitchen use by NSF International.

Built-In Design — Can be built right into your bar to save space and look seamless.



– NSF Certified – All Rhino Milk Pitcher Rinsers are NSF Certified.
– CalGreen Compliant
– Massachusetts State Plumbing Board approved