Brewista Smart Scale II


With barista in mind, Brewista Smart Scale II has been developed featuring 6 easy-to-use modes. Designed with USB rechargeable lithium-ion battery, this coffee scale tends to operate for a longer life. It has water repellent nano-coating, sealed body and silicone platform pad perfect for pour over or espresso preparation.

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Brewista Smart Scale II Features

    • Tares automatically
    • Auto time
    • Auto-off function
    • Water resistant nano-coating
    • Comes with protective cover/tray
    • Silicone pad for water & temperature change resistance
    • Six user modes. To clarify, modes are found below.
  • USB rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Grams/ounces readings
  • 2000 gram (70 ounce) capacity
  • Accuracy: 0.1 grams

Brewista Smart Scale II Modes

  1. This is an espresso mode. Place cup on scale and time/weight go to zero. Timer starts counting up afterwards.
  2. Similarly, an espresso mode. Works by placing cup on scale and time/weight go to zero. Start the espresso machine and press orange timer button and scale timer starts. Finally, remove cup and timer and weight go back to zero.
  3. Placing cup on scale will auto tare. This works for espresso machines with built-in timers only.
  4. Also, this is similar to previous mode. By placing cup on scale, it will automatically tare. Once espresso hits the cup, the timer automatically starts too where weight is displayed.
  5. Fifth mode is pour over mode. Firstly, add brewing vessel to scale and weight goes to zero. Add coffee grounds, then after 3 seconds weight goes to zero too. After that, you can start adding water and weight and timer starts. Removing brew vessel results to timer and weight becoming zero.

Brewista also accepts customization on chosen products. For instructions, read their tips for customizing products.