BWT Bestmax Filter Head


BWT Bestmax Filter head is the perfect solution that can be fixed to any BWT water+more filter. Thus, you only need to purchase it once. Bypass is safe that can be installed easily and used repeatedly.

It comes with 3/8″ external thread.

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Bestmax Filter Head from BWT has non-return valve on the inlet side preventing ingress of water into drink water system. Also, similar valve on outlet side seals filter off from the end device. When there’s sudden pressure drop, both non-return valves close preventing leakage and water discharge. Dual system is rounded off by BWT bestflush bleed valve, making this technology unique.

BWT Bestmax Filter Head Benefits:

  • Reliable and low-maintenance
  • Extremely safe and fully compliant with legal standards
  • Universal head for all BWT water optimisation systems for fixed water connections; and
  • Easy installation

Why Choose BWT Filter Head?

– Includes filtration of bypass water
– Automatic shut-off valve when changing filter
– Back flow shut-off valve integrated in filter head
– Comes with 5x filtration making it highly efficient
– Highly efficient hard water treatment for scale protection
– Furthermore, simple filter exchange for BWT filter head
– Direct, one-off bypass setting found at filter head
– Connection technology applicable to all filter types & sizes
– Finally, bwt filter head works either horizontally or vertically

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