BWT Bestmin M Filter Cartridge


BWT Bestmin M Filter Cartridge optimises water that comes with low mineral content. It serves as the best solution for deficiency restoration while giving stale-tasting water the superb quality. Thus it brings out the full flavour profile of hot drinks.

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BWT Bestmin M Filter Cartridge Features

  • The filtration system for mineralising low-mineral-content water
  • Reduces level of ‘off-flavour’ elements and chlorine
  • Works best on both brewed coffee and specialty coffees
  • Also, it prevents corrosion with stable pH value in filtered water

Advantages of WT Bestmin M

  • Works both for hot and cold drinks
  • Can be installed either horizontally or vertically
  • This filter cartridge has simple single-use system
  • Has innovative activated carbon fleece for full taste
  • Special BWT water+more filter for optimum water mineral content
  • Filter that protects against corrosion and residues

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