BWT BestProtect Filter V


BWT Bestprotect Filter V is an exceptional water filter for preventing corrosion and deposits. It improves the water quality while offering critical protection for valuable machine technology. Also, it is one of the most reliable prevention of stainless steel corrosion.

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BWT Bestprotect V water filter protects against the most stubborn residues such as gypsum. While reducing your maintenance cost, it extends the life of the equipment.


BWT Bestprotect V Features

  • Applicable for all hot and cold drinks
  • Simple one-way system
  • Maintains high pH value
  • 100% compatible with BWT Water + more filter heads
  • Can be used either horizontally or vertically
  • Helps prevent scale and gypsum deposits too
  • Optimal protection against corrosion for machine technology

This water filter helps reduce difficulty of drinking water and protects boiler from limescale and corrosion at the same time. In addition, impurities from filter, odors and unpleasant tastes like chlorides are being removed. Thus, improving the taste of the water. The capacity of water filter is about 1500 litres with hardness of 10dH, sufficient for replacement once a year with average consumption. Alternatively, you can opt for a water filter with bigger capacity such as bestprotect XL water filter with capacity of 3500 and a hardness of 10dH. This filter lets you choose if the hardness of the water in your region is much higher than 10 dH.


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