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BWT BestProtect S Water Filter


BWT BestProtect S, a water filter serving as a protection against salts, high gypsum and corrosion. It protects equipment used for production of hot beverages in food services.

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BWT Bestprotect S Water Filter Specifications

Diameter – 8.8 cm

Height – 31.0 cm

Capacity: 440L (But, only applicable for machines with steam)


BWT Bestprotect S Features:

  • Can be used either horizontally or vertically
  • Quick and easy filter replacement
  • Also, it comes with low operating cost
  • Flexible filter head (one head for all filter sizes)
  • Effective solution for salts and gypsum residue
  • Comes with optimum pH value and excellent balanced mineral water. Therefore, extracting excellent taste in coffee and espresso.


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