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Complete OSMO120 Package


Osmo Reverse Osmosis Package….everything you need for complete set-up!

OSMO120 RO 120 lph, PSJ200 SB Pre Filter, BA00K-05 fittings kit, Remineralisation system, 14 litre tank.

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From Europe’s largest water treatment company BWT the LM OSMO Water Treatment system is the total solution for your
La Marzocco equipment . The compact OSMO package provides equipment protection and great water for coffee regardless
of inlet water quality or location. The OSMO system is a 3 stage treatment process: 1 Prefiltration with a fibron carbon filter
to remove sediment and chlorine 2 OSMO Reverse Osmosis to reduce all dissolved solids including scale and hardness
ions. 3 Remineralisation to add minerals for full coffee flavour. A storage tank and fittings kit with all connectors, hoses
and tubing is standard. User Guides, technical support and installation schematics are available.


Compact complete system: easy to use.
• LCD panel – for setting and monitoring key parameters
• Integral OSMO pump to provide water pressure required.
• Manufactured in Europe; dependable quality and performance validation
• High flow rates and capacity. 2 Models available to suit all applications



• Flow Rate / Production: OSMO 60 60 lph OSMO 120 120 lph
• Salt rejection rate: > 95%
• Permeate yield: 40%
• Dimensions: OSMO 60 23W x 25L x 38Hcm 17kg OSMO 120 23W x 34L x 38Hcm 21kg
• Electrical: 230 volt 50 Hz 10 amp
• Use pressure limiter to ensure max pressure is not exceeded



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