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Pitcher Rinser Maintenance Kit


Pitcher Rinser Maintenance Kit is a must have for maintaining Espresso Parts Rinsers.As recommended for heavy usage, rebuilding rinser spray assembly once every six months is best. For moderate usage on the other hand, it is recommended rebuilding every 12 months while every 18 months for light usage. Doing so will help maintain the lifespan and performance of your rinser.

Pitcher Rinser Maintenance Kit comes with spring, set of gaskets and pitcher rinser activation piston.

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Pitcher Rinser Maintenance Kit Installation

  1. First of all. turn off the water to stay dry and to easily remove the rinser.
  2. Depress the star until no water sprays out. Then, you are ready to remove piston assembly.
  3. Afterwards, remove the black star from the rinser by spinning it to left or anti-clockwise. If spray head with holes spins too, press it down to keep it from spinning.
  4. Two hex bolts will now appear since the star is removed. Remove bottom hex bolt through hand or by using a 22mm wrench. Once hex bolt is unscrewed from the base, simply lift piston assembly from the base.
  5. At this time, we will separate the piston assembly. Depress assembly and unscrew bass screw through hand or flathead screwdriver. It should be noted that there’s still a spring inside. Release the pressure applied to the assembly and lift spray head from piston assembly base.
  6. You are absolutely ready to rebuild the rinser with pitcher rinser maintenance kit! Two o-rings with the same size (PR_6) should go on the base of spray head. Remove old ones while new ones should just slide over the stem and on. Next, o-ring on the base of assembly (PR_5) should be removed. Install the new one similar to the last two o-rings. Finally, you can now replace the gasket (PR_4) on the brass screw.
  7. Following this is the reassembly. Grab the base and install screw up through the bottom, and drop the spring inside. Put a finger on the screw while you thread the spread head on either
  8. Take your complete piston assembly and drop in back to the pitcher rinser. Next is the black star, spin in to the right until it fully stops. Finally, turn back the water on and check leaks.


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