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Scace 2 Thermofilter


Scace 2 Thermofilter is a temperature and pressure measurement tool that works best for Nuova Simonelli machines. It can read temperature within a 10th of a degree and comes with glycerin-filled pressure gauge for a more accurate pressure readings.

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Scace 2 Thermofilter is the perfect temperature measurement tool for Nuova Simonelli machines. It helps by providing both the temperature and pressure readings directly at the group. The device allows for temperature measurement within a 10th of a degree. Additionally, the “T” type thermocouple is really fast and accurate when used in conjunction with a good quality digital thermometer. Most noteworthy, thermometer has to have the ability to ready “T” type thermocouples.

Since pressure and temperature are both factors in brewing a perfect espresso, Scace 2 Thermofilter can surely provide you that! It comes with integrated glycerin-filled pressure gauge that helps provide accurate brew pressure readings.

This thermofilter works with any machine that’s running normally.

1. First, insert the thermofilter device to your desired group head.
2. Second, rotate it in a counter-clockwise direction until the handle stops. Keep in mind that it should be looking directly down at the handle. Also, to ensure protection with the seal, tighten the device a little more.
3. Finally, simply press the water dispense button on the desired group head.


Make it a habit to adjust the water dispensing pressure and steam boiler temperature. If unfamiliar how to do the adjustments, contact roaster for a referral to qualified technician. Also, water will exhaust out of the bottom fitting on the portafilter body. The orifice in the fitting has been specifically designed and calibrated to simulate water flow. It’s as if you were using the standard portafilter without any grounds in it.


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