Hiroia Jimmy Scale


Hiroia Jimmy Scale is the first ever detachable coffee scale in the world that lets you connect with the application and record the brewing data you’ve made. You may choose to detach the magnetic display, and watch it wherever you want. This allows you to monitor the Jimmy Detachable Scale away from the machine.

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Hiroia Jimmy Scale comes with a 32-bit processor making it the best hardware of any scale on the market. It is water resistant, has excellent sensitivity and responsiveness, and has a duration of up to 10 hours of detached usage and 1000 hours of standby time.

Its auto-tare and auto start timer features lets you customize the modes of use by making an extraction a unique and perfect experience, without any interruptions.


  • Jimmy Scale is applicable for both espresso and pourover. Detaching the control bar and placing it anywhere you like is a powerful one!
  • Manage and monitor your brewing data by connecting to the scale using smartphone and the Jimmy app itself.
  • Jimmy app comes with 4 modes that you can use to create a perfect brewing method.
  • Espresso mode comes with three various ways of recording your extraction process.
  • On the other hand, pour over mode has two ways of creating brewing recipes. Either program in the recipe of freestyle it. Any way works!
  • Extraction time and weight can be both recorded by Hiroia Jimmy Scale.


Hiroia Jimmy Scale Accessory Kit is also available for purchase. The package comes with Scale Protective rubber, Carrying box, Portafilter stand + jimmy mass weight 100g.

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