Hiroia Samantha Brewer


Hiroia Samantha Brewer is first of its kind that allows you to set your own ideal temperature, brew at different pour rates, intervals and volumes, fully controllable with your smartphone.

Having Samantha Brewer is like having your very own professional barista at home. Through HIROIA platform, you can buy, share, and make different flavor profiles for coffees from around the world based on different types of coffee beans and different regions.

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Hiroia Samantha Brewer app lets you load up your favorite recipes, or even save your experimental brews and have Samantha replicate it every time. Browsing the recipes shared by other brewers all over the world, or uploading yours to share your very own creation is something you can enjoy too!

Hiroia is a product of collaboration between Hario, a century-old boutique coffee brand from Japan and Taiwan’s professional artificial intelligence team. They both established the world class coffee social media platform HIROIA (IOT of Hario) and now they begun to create a cloud-based barista system.




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