CIC-152-N / CIC-152-4: Dual Control Dosing/Injection TDS/EC

The CIC controllers can monitor and control dosing and/or injection systems. This unit will control 2 separate systems.

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HM Digital CIC-152-N Features

  • Monitors and controls dosing or injection systems.
  • Large, bright tri-color L.E.D. display
  • Two adjustable set points keep TDS levels within a range (maximum and minimum TDS/EC levels).
  • Minimum and maximum control points will activate relay controls via switching dry contacts.
  • The CIC-152 can control two different devices (e.g., a pump and a valve).
  • Two alarms (maximum and minimum levels) can be set independently of the control points.
  • Digital calibration
  • On-screen temperature display
  • On-screen range & control indicator lights (green, yellow or red)
  • Includes one sensor probe
  • Available with the NaCl conversion factor (model CIC-152-N) or the 442TM conversion factor (model CIC-152-4)