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Group Head Spacer 72X59X0.5mm


Group Head Spacer 72X59X0.5mm is used to compensate for wear and tear in the group head channel and portafilter lugs, as such bringing the portafilter back to perpendicular in relation to the machine.

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Shim Spacer for Group Head Dimension:

  • External Diameter: 72mm
  • Internal Diameter: 59mm
  • Thickness: 0.5mm

Shim Spacer for Group Head Gasket 72X59X0.5mm fits underneath your group head gasket. It increases your gasket thickness by 0.5mm. Use this group head spacer whenever your portafilter handle is clocked too far to the right once engaged. Thus, handling it to a more ergonomic position.

We also have other shim spacers for different dimensions:
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