Rhino Cupping Bowl


Rhino Coffee Gear designed Rhino Cupping Bowl as they know how vital it is when purchasing coffee beans. The design is black on the inside so baristas can focus less on the colour and clarity. Most noteworthy, focus more on the flavour and aroma of coffee beans.

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Cupping Bowl Features:

  • Curved internal base
  • Carton quantity 24
  • High quality ceramic retaining heat
  • 88mm internal diameter (3.46″)
  • Perfectly pairs with professional Rhino Cupping Spoon
  • Above all. it meets specialty coffee volume standards

Cupping bowl has been designed to easy the cupping experience when buying coffee beans. Thus, it lets you focus less on the color and clarity of the roast and more on the aroma and flavour instead. As a matter of fact. Rhino Coffee Gear wrote a blog why they have designed this bowl.


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