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Rhino Pro Milk Jug 950ml


Rhino Pro Milk Jug 950ml/32oz from Rhino Coffee Gear. Designed by professional baristas, this milk pitcher is ideal for use at home or in the cafe. It is entirely made of stainless steel that features refined spout useful for latte art.

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Rhino Pro Milk Jug Features

Measurement: Milk pitchers etched with scale in ounces and millilitres are very efficient and useful. As a result, milk waste will be decreased and will save cafe money. Also, it helps take the guesswork out of pouring milk and improves efficiency at the same time.

1mm thick stainless steel body: Thicker steel body provides great weight and professional feel that is comfortable to handle.

Professional Spout: Its spout results in smoother pouring for latte art.


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Download Rhino Pro Milk Jug Specifications Sheet