Rhino Thumpa Cafe Knock Tube


Rhino Thumpa Cafe Knock Tube is a durable and stable knockout tube about 860mm tall. As it is virtually indestructible, it perfectly fits the demanding needs of a busy coffee shop. It surely lasts long due to its high density, shock-resistant polyethylene (HDPE).

The knockout tube can be replaced as per your desired size.

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Thumpa Cafe Knock Tube from Rhino Coffee Gear has flared collar that retains excess splatters. Also, slotted bar and top can be easily removed when you want to clean or replace it. Most noteworthy, it is build with 5mm thick durable high density polyethylene. Thus, making the parts easily replaceable and lasts forever.

Knock Tube Dimensions

Outer diameter: 160mm (6.2992 inches)

Wall thickness: 5mm (.01969 inch)

Length: 725mm (28.5433 inches)

Rhino Thumpa Cafe Knock Tube Specifications

  • Height: 860mm (33.86 in)
  • Width of Collar: 225mm (8.86 in)
  • Width at Base: 220mm  (8.66 in)
  • Length of Knock Bar: 200mm (8.66 in)
  • Length of Rubber Cover: 157mm (6.18 in)
  • Weight: 10kg (22.05 lb)
  • Manufactured in Australia

Coffee Knockout Tube Features

Quick and easy repairs – designed to last with easily replaceable parts.

Removable top – Helps with emptying the knockout tube while securing the trash bag.

Adjustable size – Adjust the tube accordingly and remove the top.

Flared collar – Avoids coffee ground splatters from messing up.

Commercial-grade Knock tube – Designed with durability and stability in mind, the coffee knockout tube is built to withstand abuse in busy cafes.


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