Green Grading Mat


SCAA Green Grading Mat is necessarily used for grading and identifying defects in green coffee beans.

The coffee mat is matte finish measuring 24×24 inches. It features Specialty Coffee Association of America table of defect equivalents found on bottom right hand corner. Complete list of Category 1 and Category 2 defects is found below.

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Green Grading Coffee Mat Listed Defects

Category 1

  • Firstly, Full sour
  • Fungus damage
  • Foreign matter
  • Full black
  • Dried cherry/pod
  • Severe insect damage

Category 2

  • Shell
  • Withered
  • Hull/Husk
  • Partial sour
  • Partial black
  • Floater
  • Slight insect damage
  • Broken/chipped/cut
  • Lastly, Parchment/Pergamino

You can finally standardize your green grading coffee system with SCAA coffee mat! Measuring 24 inches by 24 inches, this mat features the American table of defect equivalents on the bottom right hand corner, while Roasters Guild Logo is displayed on top left hand corner of the mat. Due to its black color,  the defects tend to visually pop up making it more visible.

In addition, you can get the handbook for Green Grading upon purchasing this equipment to get further information.


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