Corner Tamping Mat


Corner Tamping Mat by Tiamo lets you tamp with ultimate speed and confidence. Tamping spot securely holds portafilter for a precise, consistent and maximum comfort whenever you tamp, leading to a better coffee!

It has built-in rests for both the tamper and group handle that allows the tamping process to be comfortable and neat. Designed with anti-slip silicone rubber, this coffee tamping mat won’t slip off the counter mid-tamp.

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Corner Tamping Mat Tiamo Features

10mm Thickness – Tends to be extra-protective because of its 10mm thickness.

Anti-slip Rubber – The coffee tamping mat has rubber that won’t slip off the counter mid-tamp.

Comfortable Tamping – Specifically designed to securely hold portafilter for maximum comfort and precision during tamping.

Built-in Tamp Stand – Lets you store your tamp for a quick and easy access whenever you need it.

Corner Wrapping Design – Simply place it in the corner of your counter. Thus, it gives you the most efficient and healthiest angle possible.


Tiamo Corner Tamping Mat is made of silicone rubber with the following dimensions: 150mm deep x 130mm wide x 45mm overhang.

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