Milk Jug 600ml Gold


The Gold Milk Jug 600ml is a quality milk pitcher from Tiamo. It has stainless steel body with titanium plating on the outside. This Tiamo Titanium Milk Jug is super sturdy, durable and extra elegant in bright gold shade.

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Milk Jug 600ml Gold Features

  • Non-sticky coating
  • Smooth rounded handle
  • Professional spout
  • Heavy professional feel

Measuring scale can be found on the side of milk jug 600ml too. Therefore, you can measure how much milk you need and most importantly, no more wasting!

One benefit of using a milk jug is not just for measurement, but for latte art as well. With just a right amount of milk in coffee jug, your latte art will be easier. Check out how Scott Rao explained how you can save a lot of money while improving your latte art with Milk Jugs.

We also offer Tiamo Milk Jug 360ml in gold.