Tiamo Dosing Cup


Tiamo Dosing Cup provides a more efficient workflow. Instead of dosing it into your portafilter, you can dose directly into a small cup. The stainless steel dosing cup produces less coffee mess on the counter, which is faster for weighing individual doses. Also, it helps distribute coffee grounds in the portafilter more evenly.

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Tiamo Dosing Cup is definitely the one everyone has been waiting to have! It comes out with a cheaper ringed dosing cup made of thick stainless steel, thus making it durable. Also, this coffee equipment helps you maximize your workflow while reducing waste. You can catch coffee grounds and place it directly on top of any portafilter.

This coffee dosing cup is best used with a coffee scale such as scales from Acaia and Brewista.  These coffee scales ensure you have the right shots and consistency.

Tiamo Dosing Cup Features

  • 71mm tall
  • 50g capacity


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