Tiamo Tapered Milk Jugs


Tiamo Milk Jugs are stainless steel on the inside and powder coated on the outside. These milk jugs from Tiamo come in three sizes and three colours. Red, blue and grey are available in 360ml, 600ml and 950ml. Colour array is specifically designed to allow baristas to easily identify milk type at a glance. Red is for full cream, Blue is for light and Grey color is for soy. Taping or writing on jugs is no longer a problem as well as they already have measuring scales etched both outside and inside of jug. As a result, you will be able to pour the right amount of liquid while reducing waste.

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Tiamo Tapered Milk Jugs Features:

  • Measuring levels both inside and outside the jug
  • Stainless steel inside
  • Also, powder coated on the outside for easier identification

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360ml, 600ml, 950ml