Toddy Replacement Decanter


Toddy Replacement Decanter is a 700-ML glass decanter perfect for the Toddy Domestic Cold Brewing System.

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Toddy Replacement Decanter fits perfectly beneath the brewer portion of Cold Brewing System. It holds up to 700ml of your cold brew that could concentrate for up to two weeks in the refrigerator. It is specifically designed to have thin, ribbed neck to make it feel natural to pour from. Also, its spout ensures you won’t spill a single drop.

Toddy’s cold brew process does not only eliminate the bitterness associated with brewing methods, but also unlocks the natural, delicious flavors of your coffee and tea. As a result, you can have a super-smooth cup that’s less acidic and easier on your stomach while still being flavorful. For sure, you can enjoy cup after cup of cold-brewed perfection either steaming hot or iced cold.

Check out a quick video on how you can cold brew coffee using Toddy Replacement Decanter.